The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

screen welkinsuite

Version history

Bloom R14
22 Dec 2017
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  • Added a built-in Visualforce pages previewer with automated refresh on building changes
  • Added a built-in difference viewer for the deployment process
  • Added an ability to create new Validation Rules for sObjects
  • Changed a default encoding for opening source files to the UTF-8 encoding
  • Updated the sObjects inspector's Fields editor to show a name of a field, which is missing any required details, when you deploy changes to Salesforce
  • Updated the stability and performance of the Class Outline in the Apex editor
  • Added different sorting options for the Class Outline in the Apex editor
  • Fixed the issue when Code Coverage highlighting was absent in the case if two or more classes with the same name were returned by Salesforce
  • Fixed the issue when automated refreshing of the Lightning Previewer after the build did not work
  • Fixed the not working 'Refresh' button in the Lightning Previewer
  • Fixed the issue when Static Resource files without changes were included to the build process
  • Fixed the issue when the was no test run after when using the 'Build and Run Tests' option
  • Fixed multiple issues related to the code completion for Lightning in SalesforceDX projects
  • Fixed rare cases of TWS crash when comparing files in the Local History
Bloom R13
13 Dec 2017
  • Fixed the issue when static resource files were deleted from TWS project and from an organization after the build process
  • Fixed the issue when project creation was not possible for organizations without any managed packages installed
  • Fixed the issue when the pull process was failing for existing projects containing folders-based metadata items