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salesforce database integration

salesforce database integration

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    Posted 03 Jan 2018 and edited 30 Jan 2022


    I am looking to create a connection from Salesforce to a SQL 2000 database. I need to be able to transfer data from salesforce to SQL 2000 and from SQL 2000 back to Salesforce. An example of what I want to do is if a user creates a new calendar event in salesforce I want to be able to send that event to my SQL 2000 database so that I can create a meeting record. Then I want to pass back the unique id from SQL to Salesforce so that the records in both systems will be connected.

    How do I create that connection?

    Thank You 

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      Posted 03 Jan 2018

      Hi iamsaanvig,

      Thank you for your question.

      I'd say your question 100% related to the development itself, as for the given solution you'll need to do some development on both Salesforce side and, maybe, on some server side that'll work directly with your SQL database.

      I'd have to close this topic in a while, as it is not related to the IDE itself, nor such task can't be completed by the IDE itself.

      You might try asking this question in Salesforce development forums, on Stack Exchange or, maybe, in Salesforce's communities.

      Best regards,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
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        Posted 26 Mar 2021

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          Posted 09 Apr 2021

          These are integrations that either need to be built (using the Salesforce REST/Bulk Api's (run in batches) or the Salesforce Streaming API (real time)) or bought.  I believe this is outside of the scope of an IDE like Welkin Suite.

          Examples of what you can do:

          1) Write a script that queries the calendar periodically and in turn updates the target SQL Server table.  Most popular languages have libraries for this (JSForce for Javascript ( , toolkit for .NET (, Simple Salesforce for Python (  There are certainly others (Java, Ruby, etc), and all of these languages have SQL Server clients available.

          2) Purchase an integrator or ODBC client for salesforce to allow you to connect via a query directly and in turn load into SQL Server.  You could literally Google search "Salesforce ODBC driver".  If you have a later instance of SQL Server available (2000 is way too old for any support at this time), there are also SSIS add-on tools for this type of integration, and they're not too expensive considering what they allow you to do.  Again let Google be your guide.



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