Advanced Logs Filtering

Display only the necessary logs that match the criteria you have specified to debug your code faster.

Typically, the code debugging process is followed by such steps as the execution of Anonymous Apex, performing certain actions in the UI, starting the sceduled jobs - all of which produce lots of logs for you to go through. In most cases your actions would supply you all the information you need quite easily, but sometimes may only you need the specific logs – for instance, those with very long duration, very small or very large logs, failed or succeeded logs, and so on.

You can filter log records manually, or you can use a built-in feature in The Welkin Suite IDE, which allows you to specify custom criteria for each of the following fields: Operation, Application, Start Time, Length, Duration, Status, Request, and Location. Having set these filters, you can continue developing, and you will be notified when a log you need appears in the Logs panel.