Anonymous Apex Organization

Anonymous Apex code is stored in separate files and can be organized as you want.

Anonymous Apex is an excellent tool to test new development solutions and approaches, debug your code, and get or update data in the organization. However it is usually used for a mix of all these tasks so you have to keep some chosen snippets in some external documentation and you always have to clean Anonymous Apex and write new code there every time you want to execute it or you have to be able to navigate in a single file with lots of different code snippets in it – debugging code for interactions with 3rd party services, scheduled jobs, and batch management code which is rarely used but good to store somewhere and so on.

A great way of using Anonymous Apex is to treat and use it the same way as Apex code, not only in terms of the editor features but also storing it in a project structure as multiple separate files in appropriate folders preserving the logical grouping and/or separation. In The Welkin Suite you can create as many Anonymous Apex files as you want, drag & drop them in the Solution Explorer to keep the files organized, or delete them when they are no longer required, so you will clear your Anonymous Apex code as you clear everything else.