Benefits for your Business

  • Maximization of your business workflows = better and faster work
  • Automatization of routine work = have happier Devs and Admins
  • Smart use of resources = saving costs for your Business
  • Having all the functionality that you need = no wasted time
  • Standardized IDE for the whole company = Less training time over the long run & better communication within the company
  • Your corporate brand name on the IDE = Sence of pride and unity to boost morale

All of this gives increased profit and prestige for your Teams and Business

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Customize The Welkin Suite = get an exclusive solution for your business and generate more profit

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What your can get with customizing TWS:

  • Features designed specifically for your Bussiness needs
  • Even more features for effective teamwork and communication
  • Integration of 3rd-party tools (like how we build-in Copado, CodeScan, etc.)
  • Support of every release
  • Customized friendly UI (have quick access to the feature your team need the most)
  • Consulting and training for your employees to unleash the full power of the IDE
  • White-labeling. Put your company's brand name on the IDE
  • And more

Customize your software - maintain your leadership position in a very competitive market

Accelerate development with The Welkin Suite IDE