Payments Policy

The Welkin Suite is an external desktop IDE for Salesforce development that provides a toolset for working with the code and interacts with Salesforce organizations to record the changes that were made to the projects.

Product Overview


Starting from the version 1.0, The Welkin Suite IDE has become a paid tool that is provided in the following three pricing plans:

Trial - Free (30 days, single-person usage)

Professional - 15.00 USD/Month (recommended for single-person usage) or 150.00 USD/Year

Enterprise - Free (30 days, single-person usage) 25.00 USD/Month/person (recommended for team usage) or 250.00 USD/Year/Person

Users may choose the necessary pricing plan at their will. The Beta version of The Welkin Suite IDE remains available for the individuals who started using The Welkin Suite IDE prior to the release of version 1.0.

The Professional license will legally belong to the user who has registered on The Welkin Suite website, and cannot be un-attached from this users account. The Enterprise license will belong to the account that purchased it, and not the individual user, with an option to distribute the licenses between various users and the possibility to re-attach the licenses. Both licenses are available for single-person and team usage, and customers are free to select the necessary license type based on their personal needs.

1) Trial Plan

Before purchasing The Welkin Suite IDE, users can start a free 30-day Trial period.

The Trial version allows users to test the functionality The Welkin Suite IDE and the support service with no limitations. Users can familiarize themselves with the development possibilities provided by The Welkin Suite IDE and decide on purchasing the program. Since this pricing plan has time specifications only, without any functionality restrictions, Trial plan users possess a status of premium users of The Welkin Suite IDE, with all of their questions, reports and suggestions addressed by The Welkin Suite’s Support Team as it is implied by the Professional pricing plan.

Details of the Trial License:

  • Fully functional
  • Free updates
  • Technical support via forum and emails

2) Professional Plan

Professional plan implies single-person usage of The Welkin Suite IDE, with a license attached to your name. This plan will be most suitable for individual Salesforce developers, both for those who provide their development services professionally, and those who develop at their leisure. The Professional plan provides the entire set of features available in The Welkin Suite IDE and the regular Support Service provided via the Forum and email communication.

Details of the Professional License:

  1. Fully functional
  2. Free updates
  3. Technical support via forum, emails

3) Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan will be most appropriate for both large and small teams of Salesforce developers. This plan implies purchasing the licenses for the entire team, with their further management on a single page using a single account. This license type suggests an improved payment security due to the possibility to purchase several licenses in a single order.

Due to the fact that the functional requirements imposed onto the IDE by the teams of developers may vary in accordance with the specificities of the development tasks the IDE is to handle, Enterprise users have the highest priority in the implementation of the new features in The Welkin Suite IDE. Furthermore, all of the Enterprise users receive top-priority support via email, Forum and the ticketing system in order to maintain complete transparency of the communication.

Details of the Enterprise License:

  1. Fully functional
  2. Free updates
  3. Top-priority in the implementation of the suggested features
  4. Flexible payments options
  5. Flexible and convenient license management
  6. Top-priority support via forum, email and the ticketing system.

How to Get a License

The production version of The Welkin Suite IDE is a paid version, with a small monthly fee.

In order to be able to use it, users need to obtain a license, either Trial, Professional, or Enterprise. Users can obtain a license on The Welkin Suite’s website following the next steps:

  1. Going to the The Welkin Suite’s website.
  2. Registering or Signing in if a user already has an account.
  3. Navigating to the ‘Get It Now’ page.
  4. Choosing a pricing plan that fits user’s development purposes best, and clicking on the button ‘Try it free’ (for Trial) or ‘Buy now’ (for Professional and Enterprise licenses).
  5. Entering user’s personal information and completing a purchase. In case the user selected a free version, he/she will immediately get an installation link.
  6. If the user decided to purchase multiple licenses for his/her team and would like to get a discount, the user needs to click the ‘Get Quote’ button. In the opened window the user needs to enter his/her message and an email address. Our managers will reply to discuss pricing variants in the shortest possible time.

NB: The option ‘Get Quote’ is available only for the Enterprise licenses.

Purchasing Details

After selecting a pricing plan, users will be redirected to the purchase page, on which they will need to:

  1. . Specify their payment information: cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and CVV code.
  2. Select the number of licenses (for Enterprise subscription).
  3. Select the subscription period: a month or a year.
  4. Decide if they want to automatically renew the subscription, and disable/enable auto- renewal.
  5. If a user has a discount promo code, they need to enter it in the corresponding field.
  6. Click ‘Continue’.

If a user buys a Professional license, they will get an installation link, and the license will be attached to their name.

If a user purchases an Enterprise license, they will get an ability to assign a specific email of their team member to each license using the options of Enterprise License Management.

Licensing Information

Before you can start using The Welkin Suite IDE, each license needs to be activated, regardless of the pricing plan you selected.

The Trial Plan license is activated the moment a user clicks the ‘Get it now’ button. Then the user is forwarded to the ‘Download’ page, on which the download link is generated, and the product will appear in the user’s account in ‘My Products’ section ready to be used.

Professional and Enterprise licenses will be activated immediately after either the payment is made and confirmed by a banking wire transaction or a direct payment is made via The Welkin Suite’s website.

To activate the Professional license, the user needs to go through all the purchase steps. Then, once the payment is received, the License will be activated, the user will receive a link to download The Welkin Suite IDE, and the product will appear in the user’s account in ‘My Products’ section ready to be used.

To activate the Enterprise license, the user needs to complete the purchase process. If the purchase was completed through the form on our website via a credit card, the license(s) will be activated immediately. In case the subscription was purchased in a custom way via another payment method, the user’s license will be activated after we receive the confirmation that the payment is successful (for instance, a receipt from user’s bank, etc). Then a link for to start the download process will be provided and the product can be used.

The Welkin Suite IDE can be used on a monthly or yearly basis, with an option to renew the license automatically.

Automatic Renewal

The Welkin Suite provides their users with an option to automatically prolong the subscription. During the purchase process, the users can select the Automatic Renewal option by marking the corresponding checkbox. Once selected, this option will ensure that user’s license will be renewed automatically. The users can always update their renewal settings in their accounts at any time.

The renewal period depends on the license period. If users have selected monthly payment during the purchase process, their licenses can be renewed in one month. If an annual payment was selected, the license will be renewed in one year after its activation.

In case users didn't select the automatic renewal, or disabled it afterwards, and their license has already expired, in order to continue using The Welkin Suite they will need to purchase a new license. In case the users have disabled the auto renewal, and then enabled again it before the license has expired, the license will be kept renewed automatically.

Refund Policy

Each user of the Professional and/or Enterprise License in The Welkin Suite IDE can request a refund to cancel the yearly subscription. To do so, the user needs to contact The Welkin Suite’s Support Team by email at A member of our team will then contact the user to clarify all the necessary details, and will check the possibility of refunding user’s order in accordance with our End-User License Agreement (EULA), which is available here - link.

The Welkin Suite’s Refund Policy implies providing the refund for the unused months in the purchased subscription for The Welkin Suite IDE. As it is implied in our EULA, the official usage period begins immediately upon activation of the license. The month of usage begins once the license became active and is displayed in ‘My Products’ section on our website. One month of usage equals one calendar month, starting from the purchase date.

Please note that the Refund Policy applies to the yearly subscription for The Welkin Suite IDE only. Those users, who have selected the monthly pricing scheme, will be able to disable the automatic auto-renewal if they would like to cancel their subscription, with no refund made for ongoing months and the subscription being stopped starting from the next month.

All of the refunds are calculated in the following way:

  1. Users can only be refunded for the months that has not been regarded as ‘used’ in The Welkin Suite license. Users cannot be refunded for the months in which the usage period has officially begun.
  2. The month is regarded as ‘used’ starting from the date the original purchase was made - any ongoing month after the purchase date is considered as ‘used’.
  3. The refunded amount is calculated as the number of used months multiplied by the monthly subscription price subtracted from the price of the yearly subscription plan.
  4. Users will be refunded for the overall number of months in their subscription, in which the usage period has not yet begun.

E.g. the user purchased the yearly Professional subscription on January 15th for 150.00 USD (as it is stated in The Welkin Suite’s Pricing Agreement). On April 20th, the user wanted to cancel his/her subscription and requested a refund. According to The Welkin Suite’s policy, the number of used months equals four months, as the date the refund was requested has already surpassed the purchase date, and April is now regarded as used month. Thus, the user will be refunded for 8 months that were unused. The price for a monthly subscription in the Professional plan is 15.00 USD. Therefore, the refunded amount will equal 90.00 USD, as 150 - 15x4 = 90.

Once The Welkin Suite team confirms the possibility of making a refund for user’s order, and calculates the refunded amount, the team will manually make a refund. Users will be refunded within a week from the date our team confirms the refund. The money will be returned following the same payment method the customer used when purchasing the product.

The auto-renewal can be disabled or enabled at any moment during the period when the license is active. Those who have disabled it will be informed in advance about the upcoming license expiration date. This way, the users who would like to continue using The Welkin Suite IDE, will need to prolong the subscription by themselves or activate the auto- renewal. Otherwise, the license will be deactivated on its expiration date.

All given discounts are applied to the monthly subscription price when calculating the refunded amount.