Our Story

  • 2019
    June 24

    Bloom R29 & Blaze R22

    Introduction of the Lightning Web Components support to the IDE for those who build incredible UI in Salesforce

  • February 14

    Bloom R25

    Added another access-related feature for Administrators - "Objects Permissions Editor"

  • 2018
    July 25

    Bloom R19 & Blaze R13

    Game-changing releases with full support of all 120+ Salesforce metadata and enhanced compatibility with various Git flows

  • May 11

    Blaze R12

    "Field Usage Report" released for the Mac version of the IDE to provide even more options to Salesforce Administrators

  • April 2

    Bloom R17

    Further extension of administrative capabilities in The Welkin Suite for Windows with the built-in "Field Usage Report" tool

  • 2017
    November 6-9


    The Welkin Suite team presented at, and hosted a sponsorship booth in the Development Zone at Dreamforce'17

  • October 30

    Blaze R6

    This release opened the world of SalesforceDX development in The Welkin Suite for Mac

  • September 30

    India Dreamin'17

    The Welkin Suite presented at, and sponsored "Hands on Training" sessions at India Dreamin 2017

  • August 31

    Bloom R6

    Introduction of the SalesforceDX support to The Welkin Suite for Windows

  • June 28-29


    The Welkin Suite Team sponsored a booth at Salesforce’s TrailheadDX’17

  • June 13

    Blaze R1

    This Mac platform went into production with the first public release of TWS for Mac “Blaze”

  • May 22

    Bloom R1

    This Windows platform went into production with the first public release of TWS for Windows “Bloom”

  • January 30

    Nova R1

    The first production release of TWS for Mac “Nova” was released for download

  • 2016
    October 4-7


    The Welkin Suite presented at and hosted a sponsorship booth in the Developer's Forest at Dreamforce’16

  • September 28

    Public Beta for Mac

    The first release on The Welkin Suite’s website for TWS Beta for Mac

  • September 25

    Spire R1

    The first production release of TWS for Windows “Spire” was released

  • September 20

    The Welkin Suite Documentation

    A complete set of documentation for how The Welkin Suite works was realised on our website

  • March 14-18


    The Welkin Suite set-up a sponsorship booth in the hall hosted by Salesforce at Cebit’16 in Germany

  • 2015
    September 15-18


    The Welkin Suite made its first public presentation and display at Dreamforce 15

  • October 15

    Public Beta

    The Welkin Suite issues its first public release of The Welkin Suite IDE and publishes a new website where it can be downloaded from

  • May 1

    The Start

    The Welkins Suite turns away from being a “hobby” to make our (Softheme) developers life easier, to a fully supported project inside of Softheme — full time development team started with consultation from the inhouse Salesforce development team

  • 2014
    October 4

    Technical Preview version

    The first technical preview version was ready for use

  • February 20

    The Idea

    Frustrated by the lack of a good tool for Salesforce development and the need for a more powerful development tool, Softheme’s Salesforce department started to define the requirements for a customized platform to meet their needs

Meet The Team
Rustam Nurgudin
Rustam Nurgudin
CEO, The Welkin Suite
CTO, Softheme
Rustam Nurgudin
CEO, The Welkin Suite
CTO, Softheme

Overall I have about 20 years of experience in the IT sphere. Of this, for more than 15 years I have been successfully guiding software development as the CTO of Softheme.

I have been impressed with the Salesforce platform from the time I started investigating it and I wanted to be part of the drive to fully unleash its potential. This is what has pushed me to Co-found the Salesforce Developer Group in Kyiv and start The Welkin Suite project.

I pull from my substantial expertise in delivering leading-edge software applications, enterprise-level web systems, cloud computing, and large-scale online social networks. I pride myself in being an effective analyst with a proven ability to implement standards and processes that improve business functionality. I love to lead and motivate individuals to the point of their maximum potential.

Vladimir Gubanovich
Vladimir Gubanovich
Head of product
Vladimir Gubanovich
Head of product

Vladimir (or simply Vova) has started as a .NET developer at enterprise projects about 6 years ago, continued working as a scrum master and then jumped to the great world of Salesforce in 2014 as a developer and project manager.

He is dreaming about bringing the same ultimate development experience and productivity from the .NET world to Salesforce, so only interesting business challenges will remain.

Kate Dulko
Kate Dulko
Customer Relations Manager
Kate Dulko
Customer Relations Manager

Kate has 1.5 years of experience as a QA Lead, and overall 4+ years of experience in IT, which have provided her with thorough understanding of QA and Software Development processes. She has joined The Welkin Suite team in July, 2015 as Customer Relations Manager, and has been the mediator of the ideas between TWS and its users ever since.

Kate’s friendliness and positive worldview combined with her profound knowledge of QA and Software Development processes have brought The Welkin Suite’s Support Service to the state of the art.

Daniel Fitzner
Daniel Fitzner
Business Development Manager
Daniel Fitzner
Business Development Manager

I have been involved in representing IT services and mentoring young IT talent in communications since 2011.

My background as a Paramedic helped me develop my ability to understand people and their problems, and to be able to communicate with them to quickly brainstorm workable solutions. In my work in IT, I draw on that knowledge to solve a problem that is seen through-out the world — people are not being allowed to rise to their fullest potential because they are being limited by their environment and/or tools and equipment that they are forced to use.

My work with The Welkin Suite is to help companies using Salesforce as a platform, and help individual Salesforce developers and Salesforce administrators hear about, and have access to a tool that helps them rise to their full potential.

Roman Kapusta
Sergey Kuzminov
Alexander Rapota
Nick Suslov
Oleksandr Bernatskyi
Sergey Grishchenko
Bogdan Pilkevich
Kseniya Levchenko
Katerina Gavrish
Technical Writer
Natalia Samsonyuk
PR Manager
Dima Izai
QA engineer
Igor Zhabolenko
QA engineer
Anton Klochko
Web & UI designer
Roman Tretyak
Web Developer