The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

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Version history

Bloom R2
Jun 2, 2017
  • Fixed inappropriate 'Please pull first' build errors in some certain cases when working with Visualforce items or related Apex files
  • Fixed incomplete list of suggestions in the Code Completion for Anonymous Apex and Apex Triggers
  • Fixed rare cases of application crashes after opening .auradoc files
  • Fixed rare cases of application crashes after clicking on certain areas in the debug logs panel
  • Fixed slight blinking of the suggestions list in the Code Completio for Apex when typing
  • Fixed rare cases of incorrect application update due to the partial dlls' update
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed SOQL query results if 'GROUP BY' was used
  • Fixed failing creation of the Lightning Bundle in case if it's name started with 'Renderer', 'Controller' or 'Helper'
  • Fixed failing deployment to organization in case of duplicate items (like sObjects) were returned by the Salesforce API for the target organization
Bloom R1
May 22, 2017
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  • Implemented new Lightning Components and Applications Previewer
  • Implemented the built-in PMD support
  • Implemented the Getting Started guide
  • Added Apex Code Completion for Triggers
  • Added Apex Code Completion for Anonymous apex
  • Implemented full support for Apex's built-in Generic types in Code Completion
  • New Signature Helper for Apex Code Completion suggestions with overloads, apexDoc data, and parameters tracking
  • Implemented one-time dynamic retrieval of standard sObjects and fields for the Code Completion database from the Organization
  • Added documentation for most of the standard Apex members to the Code Completion suggestion hints
  • Updated the Code Completion database with additional standard Apex members, according to the latest documentation
  • Implemented full support for nested types in Apex code for Code Completion
  • Improved Code Completion preselection logic to take the most recently selected item into account
  • Significantly improved performance of the built-in Code Map (Class outline), and changed it to be expanded by default
  • Improved local variables detection and handling in Apex Code Completion, especially for loops and try...catch blocks
  • Significantly improved performance of the Apex editor, especially for big files with 5k+ lines of code
  • Added parenthesis to the methods completion in Apex
  • Added support for the Lightning Previewer in the project without having to specify the information about a custom domain
  • Fixed multiple various issues related to the Code Assistance functionality
  • Fixed different cases of possible Code Completion absence
  • Fixed TWS crashes caused by using the Code Assistance functionality
  • Fixed multiple cases of incorrect completion preselections in Apex Code Completion
  • Fixed the issue when the Fields tab in the sObject editor was empty when the opened object contained the Global Picklist Value Set fields
  • Fixed the incorrect error message during TWS installation
  • Fixed the failed installation when there was the space symbol in the name of a folder for installing