The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

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Version history

Bloom R10
12 Oct 2017
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  • Added an ability to create Static Resources from the IDE
  • Added an ability to modify the structure of Static Resources, and add or remove files and folders to them
  • Implemented an ability to see the code coverage percentage and highlighting separately by test methods
  • Added an ability to check for new versions and force update to the latest version directly from The Welkin Suite
  • Added an ability to export a list of results from the PMD Report
  • Added an option for configuring the interval for refreshing debug logs
  • Extended the list of files in the Code Coverage panel with all the classes and triggers from an organization
  • Removed a 'Watch' panel in the Debug mode since the functionality wasn't yet implemented
  • Fixed the issue when the filters in the Scheduler Jobs panel didn't work
  • Fixed the issue when there was no ability to create a Schedule job with a cron expression that included the # symbol
  • Fixed the issue when using the 'Refresh Jobs' option disabled the automatic settings for refreshing scheduled jobs in the Scheduler Jobs panel
  • Fixed rare cases of TWS crash when expanding in the Admin panel the sObject with the enabled actions type OutboundMessage
  • Fixed the performance issues (increasing of CPU and RAM usage) caused by refreshing test results icons in the code editor
  • Fixed the error 'File is used by another process' after merging conflicts by WinMerge tool during the pull process
Bloom R9
22 Sep 2017
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  • Fixed the issue related to the not working Code Completion functionality for Apex code in some situations