The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

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Version history

Bloom R17
02 Apr 2018
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  • Implemented the integration with CodeScan for code analysis
  • Implemented the Field Usage Report for dependencies and usage analysis
  • Implemented the Task List with automated Comments scanning and User's Tasks
  • Implemented an In-App subscription Purchase
  • Updated The Welkin Suite IDE to support Salesforce API v.42
  • Implemented a prefilling of API name for a sObject during its creation by default
  • Changed the view of the sObject Fields editor from the vertical separation to the horizontal one
  • Changed colors in the Tracking Changes panel to make TWS UI more smooth
  • Fixed the crash of TWS when opening lightning files from the Lightning Bundle Explorer
  • Fixed the issue when the toolbar in the sObject FLS Inspector disappeared when its size was decreased
  • Fixed the crash of TWS after using the filter in the 'PMD Ruleset Configuration' window
  • Fixed the issue when a Validation Rules that contained a MasterDetail Field was absent in the Admin panel
  • Fixed the issue when a custom object that had a namespace prefix was absent in the Admin Panel
  • Fixed the issue when the FLS settings were absent for a custom object that has a namespace prefix
  • Fixed rare cases of TWS crash due to unhandled exceptions when closing a new project
  • Fixed rare cases of the crash of TWS when discarding changes in the Pending Changes panel
Bloom R16
28 Feb 2018
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  • Implemented the support for Copado for release management
  • Implemented an ability to track changes in TWS project
  • Added an ability to clone fields in a frame of one or several Objects
  • Added the ApexDoc support for Salesforce DX projects
  • Implemented the formula editor for fields that have a formula type in the SObject Fields inspector
  • Made internal changes to improve the Local History functionality
  • Updated 'Open in browser' commands to use the 'frontdoor.jsp' from Salesforce
  • Fixed the issue when sObjects were absent in the code completion suggestions
  • Fixed the crash of TWS on refreshing the Code Coverage data
  • Handle a temporary lock of organization's administration setup during a build
  • Removed the template of the previewer for Lightning Components and Application in Salesforce DX project since it is not implemented yet
  • Fixed the crash of TWS when changing visibility settings for Lightning/Visualforce for SFDX project
  • Fixed the issue when a cursor wasn't redirected to a line with an error in a SOQL query after double-click on an error message in the Error list
  • Fixed the issue when an empty inner class was absent in the list of code completion suggestions and it had improper state in the code outline