Benefits of the welkin suite
of The Welkin Suite
Integrated environment for Salesforce Development and Admin tasks - all under one roof.

If you have asked the question "Why should I try this IDE if I'm already using another one?",
then you might be happy to know why we are better than other IDEs for Force.com development.

Increase your efficiency of Salesforce development and

administration by about
  with a powerful ide!
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Is there a perfect tool for Salesforce development and administration?

Many Salesforce developers and admins have had this question after having tried various tools, both paid and free.

So why is it so difficult to find an ideal tool?

To be honest, that was the same question that came to Vladimir's mind, our Head of Product

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What we did about this

So on that very night, after becoming stressed out by his development workload, he was enlightened by an idea to create a tool that empowers working effectively without wasting time!

What we did next

Then over a few years, this idea brought The Welkin Suite to the production as it is now, being a powerful tool that will save your time, eliminate the frustration of tedious work.

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Finally, you can concentrate on the core of your

project and have more
free time and energy!
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So why is our tool better than other IDEs?

Salesforce DX support: Great GUI and organizational management panel

Integrated editors: Apex, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Lightning, Visualforce, XML.

Built-in tools: Apex Retrospective Debugger, Code Completion, Debug Log Viewer, Data Loader, Apex Profiler, SOQL Queries, FLS, sObjects, Governor Limits, Code coverage and more!

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All tools in one IDE!
You don't have to switch between different plugins and browsers

Everything you need for your Force.com development is right here, so you can smoothly work on your project both individually or as a part of a team.

Integrated tools and editors
In The Welkin Suite, tools and panels are integrated for your development process to be comfortable

We not only give users highly developed tools and panels, but these tools and panels are also integrated to be able to be used together to give you some incredible work flows that will enhance not only your coding velocity, but increase the quality of your deliverable code.

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A powerful and lightweight tool
We have over 105 features as of now, and this number is constantly increasing

We have a lot of interesting features and improvements on our roadmap and we are constantly adding more, so you will always stay ahead of your competitors.

Get all tools for development and administration in one IDE!

Try it for free! Artboard 6
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Role switcher
Select you role for the most convenient layout – Developer or Admin
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The Welkin Suite is a powerful time-saving IDE due to the special features that we have endowed it with. Here are some of the biggest time-savers:

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Apex Tests Runner
Empowers you to see current statuses and other info about current and previous test runs in parallel with their execution in just a few clicks!
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sObject editor
allows you to review all the fields of any object, create new ones, manage the field-level security, add them to a layout without switching to any other application with just point and click!
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Apex Profiler
helps you to instantly analyze the performance of your code. Run a test as many times as you need, and get information about the execution time.
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Apex Retrospective Debugger
Gets all the necessary data about the execution of your code and various processes in your org.
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Data Loader
allows you to instantly load, update, or delete a huge amount of data to your org in just in a few clicks!
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Debug Logs functionality
for analyzing Salesforce log files that helps to understand what is happening on your org.
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Code Assistance
With it, you don't need to remember all the necessary strings and methods names - the intelligent code highlighting helps you to scan the code at a glance, see all the errors and fix them a lot quicker, and with the Auto-Completion feature, you don't have to type the same code over and over again.
Increase ROI for business

We know that time is money, and The Welkin Suite can increase your ROI while maintaining the same resources which will make your business successful with a very tiny investment.

check it with our ROI calculator
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Run unit test while coding!
The Test Runner process is implemented in a separate panel with all the data on current and previous test runs.

You are able to continue developing while the tests are running - the test-runs status is updated automatically.

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Organize the structure of your project
Break the limits and make the structure of your Salesforce project clear for you.

Move files between folders, click and drag them to the target folder, once you drop it, your project structure will be updated to reflect the change. Create new folders in a project with a right-click.

Easy teamwork
Work effectively both individually and as a team by keeping up with all the changes with an in-built Git support.

Collaborate with colleagues on the same project without switching to other applications. Get all the changes tracked with Version control, be guaranteed that a code on the Salesforce side cannot be accidentally overwritten by others, compare versions, and restore the necessary one just in one click without switching to any other application.

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Boost your Force.com

development and administration productivity!

Try it for free!
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User interface
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User-friendly interface
The Welkin Suite has an extremely user-friendly interface, which is easily adjustable for your needs, so it doesn't give you a feeling of being overwhelmed by such a comprehensive feature set.

You can select the UI theme of the IDE and its different settings, set the number of items in the Window menu and recently used lists, enable/disable the status bar, and set the behavior of the Close and Auto Hide buttons. You can customize the behavior of editors in general as well as an editor for a specific language that you need.

Native for .Net developers
The Windows version of our IDE is based on the Visualforce 2013 Isolated Shell, and the Mac version - on MonoDevelop Studio.

.Net developers will find working with The Welkin Suite very native and comfortable. Its integrated features and merits are easily discoverable and understandable by those with a .NET background.

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Fast navigation
No more wasting your time on scrolling and excessive clicking.

With The Welkin Suite, you don't have to constantly switch between multiple parts in your file or even several files in the project when developing for Salesforce. By bookmarking these parts, you will be able to switch between them within seconds.

Available Windows and Mac versions!

You can easily work on your existing project by using your preferred OS without changing your subscription plan. Work at the office and then proceed at home on a different OS but under the same license. All you have to do - just login with your credentials.

Try it for free!
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and comfort

The Welkin Suite IDE - local application, so non of your information is stored on some third-party cloud environment or a server.

Get access to a Salesforce org using OAuth for authentication with The Welkin Suite IDE.

OAuth allows you to log in without sharing your login and password; it provides to the IDE a secure delegated access to a server's resources on your behalf.

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External tool support
Add your favourite third-party tool that is missing and enjoy your development.

This option allows you to work with your favorite application for development in a single IDE. You can even become like our Vladimir here, and make your own needed tool and use it directly from The Welkin Suite.

We keep up with Salesforce
We maintain the resources to keep pace with Salesforce's very dynamic platform that is constantly evolving.

Quick statistics of our load to keep pace with Salesforce:

  • Over 60 releases in 2.5 year
  • Over 105 features implemented
  • More than 152 improvements implemented
  • Average time between release - 12.5 days
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Let your peers wonder, how you work so fast while producing a high quality code.

Our pricing policies are aimed at matching your needs for both individual and corporate basis. At a rough daily cost that is less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you get not just a great
time-saver, but also a supported tool, with which you can grow your development potential to the highest level!

Try it for free!
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Strong support
The Welkin Suite provides full support for both individual developers and teams.

We provide support for issues via email, forum, blog, and bug reports that can be generated directly from the IDE (and in a ticketing system - for Enterprise Subscription) which will make your communication with our support team convenient and utterly transparent.

Request a feature
We will do our best to implement a feature that you need.

If there is a missing feature in our tool that you would like to have, send your request and we will consider it for implementation in the future. We care about our users a lot and always take into account the feedback we get from our users, and thus make our tool even better.

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Educating our users
Our developers and admins grow their skills with The Welkin Suite.

We contribute a lot into sharing updates with our users through our online webinars, demos, blog-post, forum, posts on social networks and newsletters. We keep our users up-to-date with all news, changes and improvements, and occasionally launch surveys to know needs of our users. All the documentation for The Welkin Suite is on our web-site so you can easily find it.

We care!
As we have mentioned in our story in the beginning:
we brought our product to the world with only one aim -
to make life of a Salesforce developer and admin easier and happier.

Our tool was started by a Salesforce developer who experienced all the pain and frustration of Force.com development, thus we want you to enjoy your free time with your family and hobbies while leaving all the routine to be taken care of by The Welkin Suite.

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It's time to live your life,

while our smart IDE can "TWS" your job for you:

frustration into comfort
smarter not harder
time at every corner
We do our best to provide you a tool that will automate chores of development and eliminate pain, so you can focus on more important things.
Don't hesitate and try how our tool can increase your development velocity!