The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

screen welkinsuite mac

Version history

Blaze R24
24 Jul 2019
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  • Added an option to import data to Scratch organizations using plan JSON files for SFDX projects
  • Added inputs trimming to the Project Creation Wizard to get rid of unneeded spaces in the username / password / security token
  • Added detailed process visualization for the initial project retrieval process from Salesforce
  • Added an option to proceed with a partially downloaded project when creating a new project and any metadata failed to be retrieved from an org
  • Updated all dialogs, windows, and wizard to be opened on the same display as The Welkin Suite IDE
  • Added -meta.xml files retrieval for Aura bundles
  • Fixed the issue with failed Lightning Web Components deployment when such components were referencing objects
  • Fixed the issue with Workflows and Layouts being deleted on the first pull after a project was created
  • Fixed a crash caused by an attempt to open an Aura bundle that's missing a .cmp file
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the 'Delete Debug Logs from an organization' from deleting more than 200 logs
  • Changed the maximal value for a Scratch Org lifespan from 29 to 30 days in the Scratch Org creation wizard
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the 'Deploy to another organization' wizard that selected unneeded components for deployment after user applied any filters to a list of components
Blaze R23
10 Jul 2019
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  • Added the Validation Rules editor tab to the sObjects Editor
  • Added the ability to delete all Debug Logs from an organization