The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

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Version history

Blaze R5
16 Oct 2017
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  • Added an ability to create Static Resources in the IDE
  • Added an ability to modify a structure of Static Resources, add or remove files and folders to them
  • Implemented an ability to see the code coverage percentage and highlighting separately by test methods in a class/trigger
  • Significantly improved performance of the IDE in all operations related to the communications with Salesforce Organizations
  • Added an ability to export a list of results from the PMD Report
  • Extended the list of files in the Code Coverage panel with all the classes and triggers from an organization
  • Added a new expressions editor with code completion for Validation and Workflow Rules
  • Added the option to open Visualforce pages in a browser from the context menu
  • Fixed the issue when the IDE stuck on the 'Loading license information' process in some cases
  • Fixed failing deployment to organization in case of duplicate items (like sObjects) were returned by the Salesforce API for the target organization
  • Fixed the case of failing Workflows deployment to an organization due to the 'File has pending changes' error
  • Fixed rare cases of TWS crashes or exceptions when selecting an object in the 'Admin Panel'
  • Fixed rare cases of exceptions related to the Code Completion functionality
  • Fixed TWS crash when closing object files in certain circumstances
  • Fixed the issue when there was no ability to execute an anonymous apex from the context menu of a file in the Solution Explorer when the file was not opened in the editor
  • Fixed the issue when the 'Compare' option in the 'Pending Changes' pad was not working
Blaze R4
27 Sep 2017
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  • Added the 'Scheduled Jobs' panel for monitoring and creating Apex Scheduled Jobs
  • Implemented the Code Completion functionality in the Lightning editor for aura-specific tags and their attributes
  • Implemented full Javascript code completion in Javascript files, withing Lightning, Visualforce, and HTML markup, in Lightning Javascript files
  • Added Visualforce tags and attributes to the Code Completion database
  • Added information from the documentation for Aura markup tags in the completions list
  • Added Code Completion functionality for special shortcuts in Aura attributes (like "v." and "c.")
  • Implemented displaying of a basic information from Salesforce's reference for Visualforce in the completions list
  • Updated the Visualforce editor to distinguish different 'flavors' of the HTML markup - HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML
  • Significantly increased a number of completions in our completions database for Javascript
  • Added details from the documentation for Javascript completions in the editors
  • Added information about the Aura framework to the Code Completion for Javascript files in Lightning Bundles
  • Added more details for the input parameters of controller's and renderer's functions for components, events, and helpers in Javascript
  • Significantly improved the performance of the sObject inspector if working with a lot of fields in an object
  • Fixed the issue related to the inappropriate 'Please pull first' build error when building Visualforce-related items
  • Fixed rare crashes of the application when clicking through the project tree in the Solution Explorer
  • Fixed the always-failing validation against production organizations, because of unchecked and disabled 'Rollback on error' setting for all validations
  • Fixed the inability to resolve conflicts during the pull process when there were conflicts in a '-meta.xml' file in a TWS project and on an organization
  • Fixed rare TWS crashes after enabling code coverage highlighting
  • Fixed TWS crashes after expanding the objects which contain specific Workflow Rules in the Admin Panel
  • Resolved the case when the IDE was blocked after deleting the license information from the system file in case if the last opened project was opened automatically after starting TWS
  • Fixed rare issues related to saving a file on closing its tab which might have affected performance in a minor way