The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

screen welkinsuite mac

Version history

Blaze R8
12 Dec 2017
  • Fixed the issue when static resource files were deleted from TWS project and from an organization after the build process
  • Replaced the link for downloading the needed Mono Framework version when starting the IDE with unsupported Mono framework version
Blaze R7
29 Nov 2017
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  • Updated the base shell for The Welkin Suite - MonoDevelop to version 7.2.2
  • Added an ability to run multiple instances of The Welkin Suite at the same time
  • Changed the 'Scan with PMD' button behavior so it is disabled when the ruleset file is not set for a project or in the global settings
  • Added an ability to send bug reports and explore the 'Getting Started' guides even without logging in TWS application
  • Updated the SOQL code completion in the Apex Editor to take the current context into account when building the list of suggested fields
  • Significantly increased performance of the metadata deletion process during Pull and other processes
  • Improved performance for opening, displaying and editing files
  • Reduced load time when opening a solution
  • Optimized performance of the search bar
  • Optimized solution pad performance, especially when working with large projects and folders
  • Reduced startup time of the IDE
  • Optimized CPU and RAM usage by the IDE in general
  • Fixed some typos in the 'Pull from Salesforce' and 'Check for updates' windows
  • Fixed the incorrect syntax error highlighting that was always highlighting one line above the actual issue
  • Fixed the UI freeze and performance drop when downloading and opening big Debug Log files
  • Fixed the issue when the PMD scan was not working after removing project-level settings, even with global-level settings still available
  • Fixed the issue related to the pull process failure when downloading static resources
  • Fixed the issue with the never-ending pull process due to the issues with static resources handling
  • Fixed the issue related to the not working build for SalesforceDX projects in some cases
  • Fixed rare cases of crashes when working with the Schema Explorer pad
  • Fixed rare cases of crashes related to the expired SFDC credentials
  • Fixed crash after closing and re-opening a project very quickly
  • Fixed rare cases of crashes while writing Apex code
  • Fixed rare cases of crashes when opening Debug Logs
  • Fixed rare cases of crashes after selecting some text in editors
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Fixed possible deadlock situation when opening a project
  • Fixed rare cases of crashes when opening a project