The Welkin Suite IDE

The Welkin Suite is delivered as a standalone application that can be easy installed on any PC or Mac computer

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Version history

Blaze R14
27 Aug 2018
  • Added an ability to add any existing Anonymous Apex and SOQL files to a project
  • Added a symbol counter to the Name when creating a New Salesforce Item
  • Added an option to select multiple trigger actions when creating a trigger from The Welkin Suite
  • Returned the 'Deployment succeeded' notification back in the status bar
  • Added a hot-key to execute a SOQL query within the SOQL editor
  • Added context menu entries and hot-keys to execute Anonymous Apex in the corresponding files
  • Added an ability to open some related '-meta.xml' file from the context menu in .cls and .page files
  • Fixed an issue with some failed project creation from sources in some rare cases
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Deploy' button in the application toolbar that was not working
  • Fixed an issue with the creation and deployment of custom metadata for new records
  • Fixed an issue with Apex classes that are absent in the drop down list on the 'Create new scheduled job' window
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect deletion of managed packages from a project when pulling working set
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving debug logs from Salesforce after running a debug session
  • Fixed an issue related to the Retrospective Debugger not working in some cases
  • Fixed UI freezing after starting a deployment
Blaze R13
26 Jul 2018
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  • Added support for 100+ additional metadata types available in Salesforce
  • Added an option to create The Welkin Suite projects based on existing sources
  • Added an option to connect or reconnect projects to different Salesforce organizations with a powerful wizard
  • Added an option to refresh projects according to source files changes
  • Added the force pull option to force retrieving of changes from a Salesforce organization
  • Added the metadata working set configuration to separate metadata in the project to the 'common' and 'other' groups for faster access
  • Added the force deploy option that deploys files to Salesforce without any conflict checks
  • Added the 'Deploy on save' option for files and projects
  • Added an option to select and quickly deploy certain files from a project to an organization
  • Added support for the Apex switch construction in the code completion
  • Updated the way how 'Pull file from Salesforce' works, when called from a file's context menu in the editor
  • Updated the 'Pending changes' panel with a better structure and more actions
  • Updated the deployment process to be more intelligent and choose the best available deployment strategy according to the changes
  • Removed the 'Build' and 'Deploy objects' commands and replaced them with the unified 'Deploy' command
  • Significantly improved the speed of the deployment process
  • Updated the 'Pull' wizard with the new first step window that shows a hierarchical structure of a project instead of a flat list
  • Updated the 'Project metadata components' wizard and the project creation process, so it is possible to proceed further without waiting for all metadata information to be retrieved
  • Updated the 'Project metadata components' and the project creation process to show metadata types even without any items of such type
  • Reorganized the project's context menu in the Solution Explorer and the Main Menu → Project menu to be more logical
  • Updated the Apex, Lightning, and Visualforce code completion to reference the latest version of APIs
  • Updated the Find Usages functionality in Apex to look for variables usages in SOQL queries
  • Added SOQL queries in Apex, as one of the search locations to the Field Usage Report
  • Added the appropriate code completion in Lightning for 'event' and 'implements' attributes
  • Removed encrypted Salesforce organization credentials from .sfproj files
  • Significantly increased timeouts for all long-running operations like retrieving files from Salesforce, deploying changes, etc.
  • Fixed the issue when only first 2000 test classes were shown in the Tests Runner
  • Fixed the issue when the IDE was not showing some debug logs in the 'Debug Logs' panel
  • Fixed the issue when the Debug Levels dropdown items were completely white and not readable
  • Fixed some typos in the Debug Logs panel
  • Fixed a rare case of a possible application crash when copying results from the SOQL Results window
  • Fixed various minor code completion issues