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Crash on moving source windows

Crash on moving source windows

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 19 May 2021 and edited 16 Jul 2021

    I've been crashing a lot lately when I drag source windows around. I think this happens when I mean to just rearrange the open window order but fumble and drop the tab outside the drop zone. Like it maybe thinks I'm trying to undock a window. TWS locks up then crashes and restarts.

    Anybody else seeing this?


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      Posted 16 Jul 2021

      Assuming you are using the Windows version, there was a thread about docking causing crashes a while back (I didn't search for the original in the forums, but it was early March 2021).  The answer was it was a Windows bug.  There was a KB article about it, with a fix that could be installed (note it required a reboot for me after I installed it).  This fixed the crashing for me:

      KB4601556 -

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        Posted 16 Jul 2021

        Nice. TY!

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