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Intellisense is too agressive

Intellisense is too agressive

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    Posted 20 Jul 2015

    Intellisense is currently very aggressive. I find that whenever I press the period key or tab key, Intellisense assumes I want it to complete what I'm typing, which is often not the case.

    For example, in a new class open a for loop with a single char local variable.

    for (Account a : new List<Account>()) {

    When I try to do something with the var by typing "a" followed period.
    Auto-complete expands "a" to "Account" where "a" was perfectly valid.

    for (Account a : new List<Account>()) {

    I've found that after the class successfully compiles, Intellisense becomes aware of the local vars and puts the local var at the top of the list of options. That doesn't help when you're writing fresh code, which can be a battle between you and the machine.

    For this reason, I think the default action should be to not auto-complete what the user is typing, and only auto-complete if the users presses the down key and selects one of the options. I think that will be easier than trying to make Intellisense work on uncompiled variables.

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      Posted 20 Jul 2015

      Woohoo, I've found the code assistance section in options!
      I had looked for it but I was expecting it somewhere like text editor -> apex -> code assistance rather than text editor -> code assistance -> apex.

      I have unchecked "Preselect Completions in Completions List" and completions are no longer a hassle.

      I still believe the default settings maybe a bit aggressive.



        Posted 20 Jul 2015

        Hi logan.moore,

        I was too slow with my advice to adjust settings - you've found them first :)

        You can read our blog posts on each release - we're highlighting all features and improvements there.

        It's meant to be so "agressive", however it's meant to be "correctly agressive" while behavior that you've reported is incorrect - local variables (as everything else) should be available in CodeCompletion without rebuilding. We'll check what are the possible reasons of such behavior and I'll get back to you.

        Can you please answer one more question - is this behavior constant for you in any file, or is it happening just sometimes?

        Thanks once more for providing us your feedback - we understand that issues may be annoying, but we're not able to simulate all environments and be 100% sure that everything is good. Without your feedback.


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