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Unable to create project with selection of LWC component

Unable to create project with selection of LWC component

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 09 Apr 2021 and edited 16 Jul 2021

    This problem recently started. Creating new prject by selecting following attribute.

    Apex Class, Apex Trigger, Aura Definition Bundle and Lightning Web Component.

    Welkin Suite throwing error 'Failed to Save Project' while dowloading project.

    Same is not happeing if 'Lightning Web Component' not in the list of selected metadat. 

    We are working heavily on LWC component, Please ressolve as soon as possible.


    Neel Kamal

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      Posted 16 Jul 2021


      I can +1 this issue.

      We tried to create a new project and pull LWC during creation. It resulted in the same error as seen in the original post.

      After unchecking Lightning Web Components during project creation, the project creatuion ran succesfully, and we had to add LWC post creation.

      This is a really annoying issue.

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