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Intellisense for SOQL

Intellisense for SOQL

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    Posted 02 Sep 2015

    It would be great to have intellisense/autocomplete feature when writing SOQL. I would be happy if I can start writing

    Select id from A  

    and system offers me all objects starting with A. Same should apply in where for fields (standard/custom)

    Select from Account a where a.N

    and system offers all fields starting with N

    Extra smart it would be if we can get same after select but at that point he doesn't know what object we will select from but maybe it can start offering when we write object name and come back to select fields like

    Select id from Account a

    and then go back to fields set

    Select a.Id, a.N from Account a

    and system offers all fields starting with N

    Thanks in advance

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      Posted 09 Sep 2015

      Hi tomic.84,

      Thanks for sharing your vision with us!

      We have this item in our backlog for a while already however there are always some higher priority issues. We are currently working on the Lighting components support and as a part of this we will work on Visualforce and Javascript Code Assistance functionality.

      I think that right after the Lighting components support we'll take some care of SOQL Code Assistance as well.

      I'll keep you updated once we'll have clearer vision on when this will be implemented.

      Please let us know if you have any other ideas for improvements, new features or anything else about The Welkin Suite.



      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich



        Posted 08 Oct 2015

        Hi Vladimir,

        Thank you for your answer. I am looking forward for this feature in the future :)

        In addition to this one, is it already possible to get intellisense for SObjects in Apex? I tried to create a new instance of Account and all I get when I start typing A... are class names, not SObject names. Just wanted to ask if that is a bug or feature that is not implemented?

        Thank  you 



          Posted 08 Oct 2015

          Intellisense works now after installing fress WS on my PC. This doesn't look to be an issue after all

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