Updates to our Privacy Policy and End-User Licensing Agreement

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22 May 2017 3105

So why are we updating our Privacy Policy and End-User Licensing Agreement?

Updated EULA and Privacy Policy

One of our main goals has always been to give our users and supporters the best experience possible across the whole board, whether that be related to the actual tasks they are doing while using our IDE, interacting with our customer service, exploring some new features, exploring and purchasing our tool for the first time, or just even reading up on some of the educational material that we share with our users. However to be able to do all of this we need to make sure that we have the information at hand to accomplish this in the best ways, and give our users not only the correct, but also timely information that they need. So we made some changes to reflect what information we are collecting and made sure to highlight what our users need to do to make sure we can always be offering them the best customer care.

In terms of the Privacy Policy, we have made some updates to reflect how we deal with the information when you make a purchase from our website, and we updated our statement concerning Google to better reflect changes in the way Google helps us in our marketing strategies. We also made some changes to reflect that we are starting to gather some more information relating to  if some specific user event happens in the IDE. It is VERY important to point out here that we are just looking to see if the user did some event, for example did user use new feature “B”. In no way are we tracking when, how, why, where, or what data is being used during the event, and therefore no details about your Salesforce organization, source code, or any other part of your project is not transferred to TWS in anyway. We are doing this because we noticed during conversations with our users, that they were sometimes not finding some very useful features within the IDE, even though they had been using The Welkin Suite IDE for a long time.  So we felt the way we could help our users the most here is to have a way that we could keep them better informed with timely and relevant email and tutorials/hints (in the IDE itself), that are based on events within the IDE.

For our End-User Licensing Agreement, we wanted to add a statement to make sure that our users understood the need to keep updated with the most recent version of our IDE. For us to give the best Customer support that we can, it is important for our users to keep a watchful eye on if the IDE is up to date to the current versions . As most of our users know, we roll new versions out very regularly and quite often, and we are sure that most of you would agree, it can be at times almost impossible to offer great support if an outdated version is being used.

Now that we have brought you up to speed on the new changes, we hope you enjoy the new large spring release of The Welkin Suite Bloom, and we will continue to do our part to make sure that you have the timely and relevant information to have a great experience with us!

Also, it is important to note that by continuing to use our Website for The Welkin Suit or The Welkin Suite IDE for Windows or for Mac, you are agreeing to the updates to The Welkin Suite's Privacy Policy, and also when you use the new version of The Welkin Suite IDE for the first time, you will have the ability to review and agree to the updated End-User Licensing Agreement.

The Welkin Suite's Privacy Policy and EULA are updated to bring even better experience to our users
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