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18 Oct 2016 3028

The Welkin Suite Spire R2 with lots of fixes and improvements is now available for you! 

In this release, you will find changes that are affecting different aspects of the development process and are improving your productivity!

TWS team continue to make your working process in the IDE even more convenient and stable. Share your feedback and ideas with us to get them done in one of the next versions!

The welkin Suite Spire R2 is available for Saleforce developers



Full list of changes


  • Changed logging process for The Welkin Suite IDE to store the logs fro the previous IDE sessions
  • Added parameters info to the method calls in the Apex Code Completion functionality 
  • Improved Apex code reparsing performance while working with comments
  • Modified the mechanism of ApexDoc parsing 
  • Added the list of updated/downloaded/removed files in frame of a pull to the last stage of this pulling process                       
  • Added the progress bar while the License Agreement is loading in TWS installer    


  • Fixed the issue related to the failed pull process due to the Aura Definition Bundle metadata
  • Fixed the issue when the message about the OAuth re-authorization appeared if TWS project was created without security token using trusted IP
  • Fixed the rare cases when the debug process wasn't started because of incorrect work with the time zones
  • Fixed the issue when the debug process hanged after clicking the 'Continue' button before and after an exception
  • Fixed the issue related to using the 'Pause' button in the Debug mode
  • Fixed the rare cases when the 'Start debugging from a log file' item was absent in the Debug menu when a log file is opened
  • Fixed the incorrect redirection from a log file in the Debug mode for the log file from the second added project to the Solution
  • Fixed the various cases of the incorrect source code processing by the Apex parser
  • Fixed the issues when the Code Assistance functionality stopped its work when typing
  • Fixed the issue when a newly created TWS project was absent in the 'Recent Projects and Solutions' list
  • Fixed the crash of TWS during a test run when the Salesforce AsyncApexTests Limit was exceeded
  • Fixed the issue when the selected tests/methods were unchecked after switching to the deployment validation run in the Run Tests window
  • Fixed the issue when changes in Visualforce page files were not built after the default editor was changed
  • Fixed the issue when TWS application files were moved from a custom installation folder to the default one after updating
  • Fixed the crash of TWS that was caused by clicking on the 'Show Details' button on the Local History panel
  • Added text trimming to the version names in the Local History panel to avoid the broken layout
  • Fixed the rare cases of the failed pull process after deleting files on a Salesforce Organization
  • Fixed the rare cases when the error that caused a failed pull wasn't logged in TWS log file
  • Fixed the issue when TWS version wasn't changed in the Programs and features list after the IDE was updated
  • Fixed the incorrect displaying of Profile files name which contain the ':' symbol
  • Removed the 'Run to cursor' option from the context menu of the opened in the editor Components and Visualforce Pages files
  • Removed the 'Go to source' option from the context menu of opened in the code editor metadata files
  • Fixed the rare crashes of TWS during using the OAuth authentication
  • Fixed the issue when the OAuth authentication process used standard credentials instead of OAuth ones if they were entered
  • Fixed the issue related to the failed connection to an Organization after changing credentials in the project properties
  • Fixed the issue when the 'Next' button was disabled for using the OAuth authentication after step back during the project creation
  • Fixed the issue when Lightning files were not included to the separate Bundles during the deployment process
  • Fixed the issue when a folder wasn't deleted from a TWS project with the enabled structure sync if it was deleted on an Org
  • Fixed the crash of TWS caused by removing a file that contained more than 260 symbols in its path
  • Fixed the incomplete uninstallation of The Welkin Suite IDE


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