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23 Mar 2016 4658

With each update, The Welkin Suite’s functionality is extended considerably. However, each handy feature we introduce adds to the pool of questions our Support Team receives from the users. For this matter, we have gathered several queries we get most often, and would like to share them with you in order to save you some time in case you experience similar issues.

5 Most Asked Questions

Is there an option to change the hotkeys? I prefer using other combinations.

Yes, in The Welkin Suite IDE, you can change or create the hotkeys for any option. To do so, please go through these steps: navigate to Main Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard. You will see the list of all the commands supported in our IDE. In this list, please find the command you would like to change the hotkey for (using the search function), click on the 'Press shortcut keys:' field, and click the combination you would like to assign to this command. Then, if this hotkey is not assigned to another command, click “Assign”, and after that hit “OK”. That’s it - you can now start using the hotkey in your work process!

In case the selected shortcut is already assigned to another command, you will see this command in the field “Shortcut currently used by:”. You can then find the command the hotkey is assigned to, and use the ‘Remove’ option to remove this assignment.

How can I check how many % of my code is covered by the tests?

You can do so using our Code Coverage feature. Please go to Main Menu -> View -> Code coverage. A separate Code Coverage panel will be displayed. Once your test run is finished, please click ‘Refresh’ at the top of the panel, and you will get the option to expand the project right by the project name.

Please expand the current project, and you will see all the tests in this project with the number of their covered/uncovered lines and the percentage of the code coverage. Double-click on any test in this panel to have it opened in the Editor.

In addition, you can use the ‘Show Coloring’ option to turn on the highlighting of the code coverage data within your code.

I cannot login to The Welkin Suite website. What am I doing wrong?

Most likely, you are using your email as a login. If so, this is the reason you cannot login.

Please try using your Username and the password. If you didn’t set a separate Username during the registration, and merely used your email, please enter the first part of your email (everything that goes before the ‘@’ symbol) in the ‘Username’ field.

I changed the expired Password/Security Token/All of the Credentials for the certain project in the Project Properties, and I still get an error. What do I do in this case?

Please close and then reopen the project with the new credentials you saved. Since this process is linked to Salesforce session, the credentials will not be included in the project workflow until the session expires.

How do I send the Log file when something goes wrong?

If any of your operations fails (download, pull, build), any errors during these operations, if some option does not work correctly, or in general if you face some problems when working with The Welkin Suite IDE, please try to reproduce the same actions several times. Then, if the problem remains, please send us a Bug report from the IDE. To do so, please go to Help -> Report a Bug. Please describe your case step by step, specify your email address so that we could get back to you, and mark the ‘Attach Log file’ checkbox.

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