The Welkin Suite Team’s Reflection on Our Trip to CeBIT

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22 Mar 2016 4831

The much-anticipated journey to Hanover, Germany was extraordinarily rich with fresh ideas, new connections and impressions on the greatest tech innovations we came across. The last week made back for all the effort we put into preparation, as it set our train of thought going in the right direction to keep up with the technological advancement of today. All in all, Salesforce World Tour we joined on CeBIT introduced several new elements to our agenda, and helped us visualize the general trajectory we will pursue in the development of The Welkin Suite IDE.

The Welkin Suite team's reflection on CeBIT

Generally speaking, CeBIT is an event, on which innovation comes to life in every field of technology - from IT, Computing and Software Engineering to Robotics, Machine Learning, Agriculture, Medicine, Business and Education, Medicine, and much, much more. With huge numbers of interesting tech objects on display in countless booths, and the knowledgeable presenters willing to give a hands-on demonstration of their product, our team felt that it would take far more than four days to become familiar with every piece of technology.

CeBIT expo hall

Since we presented our IDE in terms of Salesforce World Tour, our stand was located in the Salesforce Hall. Over the four days of CeBIT, we had a chance to talk to various people with different branches and levels of expertise in Salesforce. This diversity added to our pool of ideas and suggestions like no other, expanding our vision onto the things that were previously left out of our development-based perspective.

Salesforce Hall at CeBIT

Given the fact that Salesforce is relatively new to the German market, we were faced with a considerable amount of explanation needed to get our visitors familiar with our IDE. Nonetheless, this experience allowed us to look at The Welkin Suite from a different angle - and put several updates on the usability to our agenda. In addition, our team had several valuable discussions with Salesforce administrators, whose approach to working with Salesforce along with their understanding of bottlenecks in the current workflow introduced a few extra challenges for our team to cope with in future.

Developers discussing Welkin

Overall, CeBIT is an event that introduces a whole range of new networking options to companies, as it provides a most suitable background for sharing ideas and establishing new partnerships. As specifically for us, we had some high-level discussions with expert developers about Continuous Integration, along with other engaging conversations with the leaders of Salesforce dev groups, and, most importantly, got to showcase the first test Mac version of The Welkin Suite to Mac users!

Showing Mac version at CeBIT

But not only did we get to expand our professional horizons - we also had lots of fun!

First off, we were impressed by the beauty of Hanover - classically German at some places, a fusion of epochs at others, strict and aerial, and overall majestic. Our team only took a few walks around the town, but these were enough to charm us.

Welkin trip around Hanover

We even got to celebrate St. Patrick’s day here, and Germany adds a unique zest to it!

Celebrating St. Patrick's day at CeBIT

And yet, most of our excitement came from CeBIT itself - a giant expo that seemed to have gathered every single bit of technology under one roof.

Since we had our own booth to take care of and that was our primary focus, we could not explore the expo thoroughly. Still, we managed to make a few breathtaking discoveries that we couldn’t stop discussing on our way home.

One of these discoveries is Pepper - the genuine companion robot that is capable of perceiving human emotions.

Pepper robot at CeBIT

Apart from that, we were fascinated by the drones that were showcased in one of the booths.

Drone shown at CeBIT

And you can’t forget about all the fun brought to us by the Trailhead and its awesome representatives at CeBIT!

Trailhead with Welkin at CeBIT

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our experience at CeBIT! We are looking forward to seeing you soon at other events!

TWS team approving CeBIT

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