Beta 2 is out introducing Apex Test Runner and a little bit more

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24 Feb 2015 3784

We are happy to inform you that the Beta 2 version of The Welkin Suite IDE for Salesforce development is available and with it some great new features.

New Apex Test Runner and Test Results

Now it becomes very comfortable to work with tests. We have added a separate panel where you can easily see statuses and some other info about current and previous test runs in parallel with their execution
All details like error messages, stack trace and even log data are now available with just one click for any failed tests

Test results panel The Welkin Suite


Greatly improved Code Completion

One more step for a new level of fast and comfortable development - type-ahead code completion for Apex improves productivity and reduces the number of possible mistakes in the code. Don’t waste your time looking for information about standard classes and their members – focus on creating and The Welkin Suite will assist you with all of the available information about classes and objects.

Improved Code Completion functionality in The Welkin Suite

Improved Debug Logs

Small improvements related with Debug Logs are always noticeable because in development we rely heavily on them. Starting from now you don’t need to manually enable logging in Salesforce org– It will be enabled automatically once polling for logs has started. Additionally the Anonymous Apex execution now opens the related debug logs immediately (if you leave this feature enabled, of course).

Custom Folders Structure

In The Welkin Suite IDE your whole project structure is not limited to a set of predetermined folders. Developers can organize in whatever way they want. You are able to move any files to any folders with a simple drag & drop of a file to any needed folder. The Welkin Suite helps to split common/core logic, unit tests, trigger handlers, etc. into different folders that help to arrange projects in a more flexible way without any unwanted files or folders.

Custom folder structure for your TWS project


Automated and Simplified Work with Archived Static Resources

Nobody would like to zip / unzip archive files in Static Resources folders. Now The Welkin Suite IDE does it instead of you. CSS, Javascript, HTML and image files are ready for your changes and immediate build without any manual archiving. With The Welkin Suite IDE you no longer need extra tools for Static Resources navigation, viewing or editing.

Lighting Fast Build Process

The Welkin Suite solves the problem with performance for the build process. It’s well known that Development for platforms uses a cloud service for the code build and in result you get some down time during the sending of or processing of the data directly at the cloud service provider. We implemented a lighting fast build process for maximal performance. Once you click on your hotkey The Welkin Suite IDE sends only those files which have been changed, so the processing time is minimized and you do not need to wait long.

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If you’d like to look through some of the other great features that we’ve built for you please visit Features section.
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