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09 Nov 2016 3027

The Welkin Suite IDE has seen many updates over time with the release of Spire version, licensing, and many new features being added to the functionality. Naturally, the questions our Support team receives on a daily basis have also undergone some transformation, now reflecting these latest updates.

Questions from Salesforce developersQuestions from Salesforce developers

All of the new features and improvements to the existing functionality are illustrated in our Documentation, where we walk you through the changes step-by-step. And yet there are a some common questions related to using The Welkin Suite IDE that we receive more often than other questions. Therefore, we decided to address them in this post.

1. How can one Salesforce developer use a single TWS license on several devices?

Let’s say you have 2 developers and each of them works on several devices. The question is, how many TWS licenses do you need in this case?

Each TWS license is assigned to the user’s email, and can be used on any number of devices that this user works on. A single user’s license can be used on TWS for Windows, as well as on TWS for Mac, so you shouldn’t acquire separate licenses for TWS for different Operating Systems.

2. How can I sub-select the results in the SOQL query executor?

Currently the way sub-select results are shown in The Welkin Suite may not be very convenient for you. However, our developers are already working on this. Soon you will get the updated SOQL editor with the implemented Query Builder, and an ability to use subqueries.

In addition, it will allow you to select the necessary fields/child relationship information for each queryable object for your SOQL query or subquery. We will also add an option to export the received results to csv file.

This functionality will be available for you in the next version of The Welkin Suite for Mac, and this will also be implemented in the Windows version of TWS soon.

3. Why does the code for Lightning Components and Applications becomes lowercased after I copy and paste it?

When you copy and paste the code it may change the case, and we know how important the case is in Lightning components and applications development. Thus, to solve this problem, you

can disable the 'Format on paste' option the following way: please open the Main menu -> Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> HTML -> Advanced. There you will see the 'Paste' section with the 'Format on paste' option. Please change its value to 'False'.

4. How can I deploy to Salesforce organization using the specific execution of Apex tests?

The process of deploying to another organization includes running tests after deploying files. As of now when you are deploying your files in TWS, all the tests are run on the target Org. If your question is whether there is a possibility to run separate tests or some set of tests - then currently, this option is not available in TWS IDE. However, it is present on our agenda as part of our work on improving the Deployment process. This functionality will be modified to use the custom ANT tasks and integrated to TWS IDE.

5. When does my Trial period for using The Welkin Suite IDE end?

The Trial period for using TWS IDE equals 30 days. After you have activated your Trial license, you can easily track the remaining time in several ways:

  • When you restart the IDE, the license information is refreshed, and becomes available for you on the start screen.
  • When you re-log in to the IDE, the license information is refreshed, and becomes available for you on the start screen.
  • On TWS site in the Profile/My Products/Subscription info you can access all the information about your activated TWS license.

6. Why does my Trial license remain active after an Enterprise license is assigned to my email?

When your license administrator assigns the Enterprise license to your email from the managed Enterprise subscription, the information about the Trial license still being activated may remain visible for you for a while. The reason behind this is triggered by the small delay in license activation. We kindly ask you to check this information again in 10-15 minutes.


Questions from Salesforce developers
The Welkin Suite
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