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22 Jan 2016 3370

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When planning our webinars, we did our best to take into account that people living in various parts of the world may want to join us, and we had to accept the fact that reaching out to all of them at once is simply not possible.

As much as we tried to schedule our introductory sessions to be convenient for all concerned, we are aware that some of you might be busy on Wednesdays regardless of the time of the day; or it just may happen so that you had plans for the day, and attending our webinar would disrupt them.

Since our goal for these intro webinars is to make sure you know enough about The Welkin Suite to take it for a "test drive", we would like to share a video of the webinar. This way, those of you who didn't make it to the actual live session can still discover the cool things you can do with our IDE, and be prepared for the more in-depth lectures we will give in the future.


The Welkin Suite
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