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04 Apr 2016 2870

With the latest release being just around the corner, we would like to announce a new Release Highlights session!

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On this session, we will walk you through all the changes we made to the existing functionality, namely our renowned Retrospective Debugger, and will introduce the new features. Our team will highlight all the new possibilities you get, and the cases they will be helpful in your development. As always, get your questions ready, as we will be glad to hear from you and discuss your ideas!

Also, we will be extending our webinar team to include new speakers - so look forward to hearing the new voices of The Welkin Suite team!

The Release Highlights session will be held on April 7th, 10:00 AM PST/ 11 AM MST/ 12 PM CST/ 1 PM EST.

To sign up for this session, please visit GoToWebinar.

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