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31 Dec 2015 3032

On the Internet, December 31 could officially be renamed to the day of "New Year - New Us" posts. The Welkin Suite team would rather stay out of this mainstream trend, but yet it is still important to us to share a few thoughts with all of our friends.

The Welkin Suite's Resolution for 2016

In 2015, we got a good start with releasing the beta version of The Welkin Suite IDE, some major improvements and bugfixes, and a stronger vision of what needs to be done. While we have already brought many ideas to life, there is still a great deal of features to be implemented, achievements to be unlocked and plans to be fulfilled.

Instead of simply promising you to implement some features, we would like express our enthusiasm by making these our New Year's Resolution.

So here they are:

  • Bring Mac and Linux versions of The Welkin Suite online.
  • The Welkin Suite will support Salesforce online debugger.
  • Continuous integration will be supported for all OS versions of The Welkin Suite.
  • A fully functional metadata editor with a graphic interface will be present in TWS IDE.

Surely, there is a lot more we will do in 2016, namely, some major UI improvements, a few bugfixes, and much more. And yet, these are the goals we will definitely live up to. If you have any ideas or suggestions on some new functionality TWS may need, or some features that can be improved, you are more than welcome to share them with us, and we will add these to our agenda.

Happy New Year!

And sorry for the geeky Star Wars theme, but may the clean code be with you!

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