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28 Apr 2015 4366

The version of The Welkin Suite IDE has been released. The point of this release - SOQL Executor.

SOQL Executor

It’s really important to have quick access to the SOQL Executor during the development process for creation, debugging, or optimization of code. It is also very helpful to have knowledge about the results of a complex query before putting it in the code, because before now you could only build and then check if it was working correctly. And it is even more important to have this function in same place where you are writing the code.

In the SOQL Executor you can run complex query strings and immediately get a response with the specified objects from Salesforce org. This ability, like a magic wand, will be helpful in different situations such as:

  • quickly finding strange/broken data in one query without having to write the code
  • spend less time during the testing of a complicated query with multiple subqueries and being able to fix it faster with the help of the error logs
  • avoid SOQL governor limits while estimating the amount of data for a query directly in IDE
  • optimize queries or check query velocity without building and having to spend a long time testing

The SOQL Executor is a separated window which is split into two parts: upper - for SOQL input, lower - for Table with results. To open it: Right-click in the Solution Explorer window => Add => New Item => choose Query.soql item template.

Just write a query string, click on the "Execute SOQL" button and then The Welkin Suite will show you the results. Only the specified columns in a query are displayed in the table. In cases when a result set contains a huge amount of data it can be split into several pages showing 500 rows per page. There is a limitation of the amount of data which Salesforce returns on a query. Click on the "Get more" button and the next bunch of data will be downloaded. The file won't be saved on your organisation after the build, it will exist only locally.
Executing SOQL query in The welkin Suite IDE
The Welkin Suite handles all errors when running a SOQL query. Execution errors are displayed in the Error List. So you can check the reason for a fail and quickly revise your query.

Error and reasons for the failed SOQl query execution


Our team works hard to make The Welkin Suite more stable and useful. Below you can find other changes included in this version.

  • Fixed issue where the Debug Log wasn’t shown from Anonymous Apex execution if it contained an exception
  • Fixed issue when the Standard Fields of sObject wasn’t included in the AutoComplete
  • Fixed issue when The Welkin Suite failed to work when Visual Studio had been installed
  • Fixed issue when Code Highlighting wasn't working correctly
  • Fixed issue when trying to parse "public class class {}" which results in TWS crash
  • Fixed issue where the Pull wizard wasn't updating objects and workflows when their sub items were changed
  • Fixed rare crash of The Welkin Suite while editing code
  • Fixed issue when Drag&Drop functionality for Static Resources content was not working

Improve the quality and velocity of your developmental processes with the new version of The Welkin Suite IDE. Download it for free.
SOQL Executor and all other features are described in Features section.
We are open for all your suggestions, visit Forum for any request.

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