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08 May 2015 3488

We are happy to introduce the new version. Our team added a lot of useful features to make The Welkin Suite the most comfortable IDE for developers, but we're also receiving great requests and advices from our users. We appreciate this feedback and that is why we've made this release fully focused on improvements for the user’s experience which will make TWS even better. Bellow you can find an overview of the implemented improvements in this version.

We made a handy change for Code Assistance – Braces Completion. It’s just one more opportunity to increase the speed of writing code. If a user enters any opening brace ( (), [], <> ), the IDE’s Code Assistance will add the closing brace. If a user press the “Backspace” button, the IDE’s Code Assistance will remove all inserted braces (opening and closing).

We have important improvements which are connected to working with tests in TWS. Let's start with the process of downloading test classes from Salesforce org. We decide to add caching of available tests. So now tests will be being downloaded only when the Tests Runner window opens for the first time. A list of test classes that was loaded previously will be displayed immediately in the Run Test window so you won't have to wait for the tests to be downloaded again.

The list of test is downloading when the Test run window is opened the first time

You can easily get the newest list of test classes by clicking on the “Refresh List” button in the top-right corner. Hover the cursor on the “Info” icon near the “Refresh List” button to see information about the current list of tests. This cache is stored even between your sessions. So even after rebooting The Welkin Suite IDE (and PC), when you run the IDE it will display the list of test classes from the cache for your opened project. In this way, we save your time and send less API requests to Salesforce.

Next one is the Test Runner’s download progress window is no longer a modal window. Continue your work in the IDE while it getting the list of test classes from Salesforce org.

One more improvement for the Test Runner, is the ability to quickly rerun/run only those test classes which you want. With this change you don't need to open the Run Test window to rerun needed tests. Just choose the best way to rerun tests:

  • If you want to rerun whole job - select this job and click on the "Rerun" button on the panel or right-click on the job and choose the "Rerun all" option.
  • If you want to rerun only failed test classes in the job - select this job and click on the "Rerun Failed" button on the panel or right-click on the job and choose the "Rerun only failed" option.
  • If you want to rerun only one test class - select this test class and click on the "Rerun" button on the panel or right-click on test class results and choose the "Rerun" option.

Rerun all test or rerun of failed ones from the Test Result panel
A Filter Box was added to the Project Metadata Components window. This improvement will be very helpful for working with the list of components. Just start typing the component’s name and the IDE will show you the filtered result. From now on, you don't need to scroll through all the components when you need to find one. Also you find the Filter Box in the Run Tests windows.

Filter for the project metadata components
Furthermore the build process becomes more verbose. In the Output panel, during a build you can find the following info:

  • Files that are going to be built
  • Static resources that are going to be built
  • List of files with conflicts - if they're blocking the build
  • Build progress (request sent/polling for results/results retrieved/etc.)

Among the other changes, we've made working with Code Coverage even better now - you can sort by % covered and uncovered, the number of covered/uncovered lines and filter data by any value.

Filtering for covered and uncovered classes and triggers


Below you can find other improvements and fixes included in this version:

  • Pull Wizard loading asynchronously so it solves the delay of displaying the progress of loading huge projects.
  • Extended auto-completion database
  • Added The Welkin Suite's name and version to all the calls made to Salesforce API's so it will be much easier to analyze API call reports.
  • Fixed issues when Anonymous Apex error wasn’t cleared in the Error List.
  • Fixed issues when Code Coverage for fully covered tests wasn't shown in the coverage list.
  • Fixed issues when Apex Tests were not fetched from an organization.

We are working hard to improve your productivity and comfort while working in The Welkin Suite IDE. Help us with this mission by giving us your feedback about the IDE or writing features requests on our forum.
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test classes cache and filter box in run tests window
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