The Welkin Suite Launches Demos for Meetup Dev Groups

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04 May 2016 4760

With the growing number of The Welkin Suite IDE users, we feel that sharing our insights as the creators of the tool, and showing exactly what you can do with it, is becoming more and more essential.

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While we continue a series of one-on-one demos for Salesforce developers, at times it is more convenient to reach out to the group of people at once. This way, more questions get asked, more ideas introduced, and more problems solved. After all, who can give an overview of the tool and explain its every aspect, than people who know it inside out?

For this matter, we are launching a series of demos for Salesforce Developers Meetup Groups to present our tool to the large audience and illustrate the innovative approach to Salesforce development it provides. Our speaker can join your meeting online and give a 30-minutes to 1-hour demo of The Welkin Suite, as well as answer all of the questions the developers may ask.

If you have a Meetup coming up, and would like us to speak at your dev meeting and give an online demonstration of our IDE's potential - please let us know and we will schedule a session just for you! We are open to any suggestions regarding the content of the demo, so if there is some aspect you'd like to pay extra attention to, or even a certain feature you want us to focus on - all you need to do is tell us about your preferences, and we will tailor the presentation to meet your specific needs.

To request a demo, please contact us at, or create a topic on our Forum.

We will be happy to web-attend your Meetup!

The Welkin Suite Meetup banner
The Welkin Suite
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