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08 Aug 2016 3017

Nowadays, the IT sphere brings the concept of keeping up with the times to the forefront, especially when it comes to software development. After all, who would want to use a tool that is ten steps behind the updates of the system it operates with? This can hardly benefit the working process, let alone the fact that it is plain irrational.

TWS supporting API version 37

Salesforce, being the leading CRM on the market these days, constantly undergoes a series of improvements. Thus, since The Welkin Suite is shaped specifically for development, we cannot stand aside when something new is released, or significant updates introduced.

Speaking of these updates, as you may know, Salesforce presented the new 37 API version this June. The Welkin Suite is proud to be among the first to catch up with this improvement, so the newly released version 0.30.7 of TWS IDE already includes the support for the latest Salesforce API version.

By adopting these changes in The Welkin Suite IDE, we would like to make sure that no conflicts occur in your workflow. Moreover, this way you can keep completing your tasks in the manner you are used to when coding in TWS IDE - fast, smart, and nearly flawless.

Naturally, this update is unlikely to go unnoticed in terms of your working process. Hence, first of all, the changes will touch upon the work with the objects in your project - you will get a full list of the standard Salesforce objects that are added and updated in the version 37 of SF API.

Besides, you now have access to the new and changed resources of the REST API, changed calls and headers of the SOAP API, new statements of SOQL and lots of other features from the newest API's provided by Salesforce. Isn’t that just awesome?

With this synchronous integration with Salesforce, you are free to use all of the services that are available for your TWS project - and enjoy the increase in your productivity!

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