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08 Oct 2019 7424

Today is the big day for The Welkin Suite team - we have finally published our first component on the AppExchange - the free and highly customizable Tooltip component for lightning. Read more to get to know about this component, how it can save you time, help your users, and what next to expect from us!

Free Welkin's Customizable Tooltip with links and formatting


Why Welkin's Customizable Tooltip

The first question that will pop in your head - why creating one more tooltip component if we already have the standard lightning:helptext component from Salesforce? You might have some answers looking at the screenshot above, but let us help you figure out all the differences. So, Welkin's Customizable Tooltip allows you:

  • Embedding images in your tooltips - it might be a logo, it might be a visual representation of some action, process, etc.;
  • Embedding links in tooltips - of course, you might squeeze huge documentation into a tooltip, but we are pretty sure that users won't appreciate such an approach. You can highlight the most important points in the tooltip and include a link to the documentation, educational video, or other materials;
  • Embedding any kind of HTML markup as a tooltip content, so if you want to play with colors, fonts, or add even more customizations - it's completely up to you.

While the component provides a lot on top of the standard Salesforce's helptext component - it still provides the same behavior and experience as you'd expect from a production-grade UI component:

  • It is free.
  • It is dynamically adjusted to a location where it is shown. No matter if it is close to the screen edge, in the corner or in the middle of a screen - your users will see the full content of a tooltip;
  • It is suited to show any amount of content, so if you'd decide to even replicate a part of your documentation in a tooltip - it won't break;
  • Welkin's Customizable Tooltip provides the same functionality related to icons, so you can easily reuse any standard Lightning icons for your tooltip;

How to use the component

First of all - get the component from AppExchange. It's free, it has passed a security review, and it was delivered by the team you know smile

Welkin's Customizable Tooltip component is available on AppExchange

We've ensured that the documentation provides you all the needed information. Open your Lightning Component Library (https://<your domain> to check out the usage sample that lists all possible scenarios.

However, let's go through the main usage points here:

  • Component's descriptor is welkins_tooltip:WelkinsTooltip
  • All major items are available as component attributes:
    • helpText - tooltip content. It might be plain text, or URLEncoded HTML markup with images, etc.;
    • linkURL - URL for the default link that is shown at the bottom of the tooltip;
    • linkDisplayText - plain text or HTML markup for the label for the default link
    • iconName - the name of the LDS icon that will be used as the tooltip icon;
You can set all content as attributes, or you can set it from the controller.
Below you can see a sample tooltip:
Welkin's Customizable Tooltip - Usage sample
And here's the markup for this tooltip:
Welkin's Customizable Tooltip - Sample Lightning Markup

Have Ideas or Feedback?

If you have any ideas for improvements, or if you'd like us to build something cool and publish it on AppExchange - just let us know smile

If you have any questions, issues - we've created a new forum section for this and further AppExchange components. We invite you to join our community if you haven't yet!

We will also appreciate if you leave us a review on AppExchange with your honest experience and thoughts about the component embarassed

Further Plans

As you might guess - it is not an "accidental side-project" for our team. As we have implemented more than a hundred Salesforce projects as a Consulting Partner, and as we keep going - we have lots of ideas to implement.

We will keep working on AppExchange packages and we will intensify our progress in this area with more new free, maybe open-source, and possibly paid packages in the nearest future.

Stay tuned and let us know what you think about the Welkin's Customizable Tooltip.

The Welkin Suite's components and applications are available on AppExchange
Welkin's Customizable Tooltip - Sample Lightning Markup
Welkin's Customizable Tooltip - Usage sample
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