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13 May 2016 3533

Over the last few weeks, we have accumulated several important and useful pieces that will benefit The Welkin Suite users, as well as Salesforce developers in general. Dive into reading!

Weekly News Review from The Welkin Suite

    1. A profound and detailed article dedicated to the essentials of working with the Lightning components: how to create basic components, and build a UI that will correspond to your development goals.

    2. The best way to have your question answered is to anticipate it - and here is a selection of our pre-made solutions to the issues you may be faced with.

    3. An awesome selection of the best articles of the month from Rainforce - featuring a piece of our authorship!

    4. Do you have a local Salesforce Developer Group Meetup coming up? We would be glad to participate and give a web demo of our IDE!

    5. A great article from Enxoo describing the most popular Salesforce IDEs, with the benefits and drawbacks of each clearly listed.
The Welkin Suite
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