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22 Jul 2016 2699

The last two weeks have been quite rich in events - and news. That is why we have gathered the most exciting pieces that we would like to share with all of you, in case you missed any of our updates.

The Welkin Suite's News Review of the Week

So without further ado, let us introduce the bits we found most valuable over the few weeks.

1. 'Comparing IDEs for Salesforce Development' article by Roger Mitchell

Comparing IDEs for Salesforce development

The author takes a close look at the major IDEs that are currently present on the Salesforce arena, and highlights the benefits and drawbacks of each of them. The article provides a well-grounded and fundamental overview of these tools, and serves as a great starting point for selecting a comfortable development tool. Of course, The Welkin Suite IDE is also featured in the review.

2. Meet us in London!

The Welkin Suite CEO will be visiting London

Next week, our CEO will be visiting the United Kingdom, and we are encouraging everyone who has something to discuss, or who merely wants to talk in person, to ping him and get together. The more - the merrier!

3. 'Making Salesforce Development More Comfortable in The Welkin Suite IDE: Real-time Syntax Errors Highlighting' article by Rustam Nurgudin

TWS real-time error highlighting in code

Following our large steps in improving the Code Assistance in The Welkin Suite IDE, our CEO has written an article that introduces some of the changes we made, namely the new Syntax Errors Highlighting method. With our goal for maximum automation, this approach is about to save a lot of your precious time. Read the article to learn how!

4. 'Mavensmate + Welkin Suite IDE common workspace' article by Pavel Slepenkov

Shared workspace with TWS and another IDE

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation when you may need to have two IDEs running not only at the same time, but actually in the same workspace. This small but highly informative piece will show you the way to do so - with the essential step-by-step guidance.

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