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19 Dec 2016 3093

A new star will soon shine on the Salesforce horizon - as the production version of The Welkin Suite for Mac is about to be launched!

The Welkin Suite Nova release announce

On January 30th, The Welkin Suite Nova - the version 1.0 of TWS for Mac - will begin its journey across the universe of Salesforce development. Be the first to witness its ascension!

Ever since we announced the release of the free Beta version of our IDE for Mac, our team has been putting endless effort into the development of this tool. While we had already set the ground for many features, workflows and development shortcuts in our Windows version, adapting them for a different platform required a lot of time and dedication - which we were happy to invest.

Our ultimate goal in the production version of The Welkin Suite Nova is to align the functionality of Mac and Windows versions to the maximum - as much as it would be possible at this moment. Thus, TWS Nova will provide users with most of the development possibilities that will bring the developer’s productivity to the peak in the shortest time, while introducing the most applicable solutions to the known inconveniences in Salesforce development.

As always, at The Welkin Suite time remains the most valuable of resources - so The Welkin Suite Nova will make sure no extra second of the developer’s time gets wasted.

Similar to the Windows version, our Mac production version will be paid, with a small monthly fee and several subscription plans to choose from. You will be able to explore the development toolset and its possibilities during the 30-day Trial period. The subscription plan you have selected is shared for both Windows and Mac versions, so you will be able to use The Welkin Suite IDE on both OSs. The Beta version of The Welkin Suite for Mac will remain available for those who are using it already, however it will no longer be updated.

Do you have any questions? We would love to answer them at, or on our Forum.

Thank you for staying a valued The Welkin Suite user!

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