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10 Sep 2015 3697

The main addition in today's release is an ability to see test results directly in the editor - now you even don't need to move your eyes to see if tests are failing or passing! We've also added custom labels support and of course have fixed some bugs. Let's proceed to the details.

The test results icon in the code editor inside The welkin Suite IDE

Tests Results in the Editor

While you are working with the code you can see actual tests result for each test method in the file directly in the editor - near the line numbers. The status is taken from the most recent test job which was run for this test method. And if you want some more info about test methods in the editor - each status icon has the tooltip with info about the status and when the test was executed.
You can enable or disable this feature on the Test Results panel by clicking on the 'Show Test Results' button. By default, this functionality is enabled once you have Test Results panel shown.

Additionally, we have implemented tests results caching in order to reduce amount of requests being sent to Salesforce. As a good side effect of this improvement you will have previous tests results displayed immediately after you open the project in The Welkin Suite.

Custom Labels Support

While we're working on supporting the whole set of metadata we are happy to add some certain types which are needed for you. We have received some requests to add Custom Labels support and starting from this release The Welkin Suite allows working with them as well.

The support of the Custom Labels metadata is implemented in TWS
You can allow TWS to pull Custom Labels from your org in the Project Metadata Components window (right click on the Solution Explorer to see the context menu with this option). All Custom Labels will be placed in one file in the Labels folder by default. This allows you to add new labels or update properties of existing directly in The Welkin Suite. To update Custom Labels on the org you should use 'Deploy object' option.

There are two limitations in managing custom labels at the moment: you can't delete them and you can't edit the field for the existing ones. Also, they're not yet available in the Code Completion, but we will add this soon.

Other changes

The last small improvement is dedicated to the Build Output. Now it will have timestamps added to all records in output, so at any moment you will be able the see time of your last Build operation or check how long this operation goes on.

And the list of fixes is here:

  • Fixed issue when adding of existing items to the project lead to errors
  • Fixed issue when the Code Coverage wasn’t working on the huge orgs due to the length limit for SOQL queries (20k chars)
  • Fixed issue when the Local History details panel was unresponsive when opening versions with lots of changes
  • Fixed issue when filter worked incorrectly in the 'Project metadata components' window
  • Fixed issue when saving of the modified project file wasn’t handled
  • Fixed issue when test queue statuses were updated with a delay when all tests passed
  • Fixed issue when TWS was failing during pull or download of the new project when there was a file in the org with an empty body
  • Fixed issue when search for Code Completion items was case-sensitive
  • Fixed issue when ApexDoc was not generated for methods which return Boolean
  • Fixed issue with project structure customization
  • Various parser errors were fixed

Nearest Future Plans

Less than a week left before we meet at the Dreamforce'15. We hope to see you there and to hear all your suggestions and comments about The Welkin Suite.
Right after the DF'15 we will focus on the Lighting Components support implementation.

The new version is available for download here.

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