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22 Dec 2015 2825

Christmas bells are ringing, and this time not only they mark the beginning of the most expected holiday season, but also announce the release of the new version of The Welkin Suite. First of all, we want to present the basic code completion functionality for Javascript.

Javascript code completion in The Welkin Suite IDE


Our team has implemented the parsing of all Javascript code. This feature is present in all js files, as well as in other file types (pages, components, etc.). All classes, methods and keywords that are present in your project are added to the completion list by default.

The Welkin Suite supports all standard types from the ECMAScript 5 specification.

You have the ability to use the code completion for Javascript's jsdoc in comments also. If the cursor is placed on a comment, after the entering of "@" symbol you will see the list of JsDoc tags.

JsDoc tags completion in the TWS's Javascript editor

While this code completion functionality for Javascript is the most important step, since it is the first one, there is still a lot that needs to be done in this direction. Our team has yet a lot of work to do in order to bring this aspect of functionality to perfection. Nonetheless, we sincerely hope that these changes in TWS will make your working process easier and more convenient from now on.


The previous update of The Welkin Suite was dedicated to Javascript highlighting. In this one, we have fixed some bugs that were made - namely, the incorrect highlighting between ' and " symbols.

During the last weeks, you reported some cases when new changes in the code made after the pull were overwritten without the ability to merge. Our team was investigating this issue and some fixes are released in the 0.25.3 version of TWS. If you face this again, please inform us.

The additional work was related to the failed Build process without any errors in the 'Output' panel. The reasons for this was the case if several files with the same name were changed (for example, a class and a page) and one of them had the compilation error. Also, we added the logging for similar issues.

Full list of changes

New feature:

  • Implemented basic code completion functionality for Javascript in JS and HTML editors


  • Fixed issues with incorrect highlighting in Javascript
  • Fixed rare issues when new changes in the code made after the pull are overwritten without the ability to merge
  • Fixed issues related to the failed build without any errors in the 'Output' panel
The Welkin Suite
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