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The Welkin Suite
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18 Mar 2016 3103

All the engaging things of the last week brought under one roof. Some things accomplished - a lot more to come!

The Welkin Suite's News review of the last week

  1. A well-grounded review of the Deployment process written by Shion Earl Abdillah, who compares the traditional IDE's approach to that in The Welkin Suite IDE and reflects on the practicality of each of them.
  2. Since this week was marked by CeBIT expo in Hanover, Germany, we would like to share our excitement upon participating in this event and in Salesforce World Tour, captured in photos.
  3. Softheme, the parent company of The Welkin Suite, will be giving an educational webinar, demonstrating the power of Salesforce! Apart from that, together with Salesforce, Sotheme will be organizing the event in Kyiv that will show the possibilities of CRM technologies.
  4. Oliver Hansen's great post about The Welkin Suite, which accumulates all the latest news about our company in his awesome blog dedicated to Salesforce bloggers and other useful Salesforce-related materials.
The Welkin Suite
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