Troubleshooting in The Welkin Suite

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25 Apr 2016 4405

We all know that no perfect application exists, and even the most refined programs sometimes tend to bring about unexpected issues. Here at The Welkin Suite, we are constantly polishing our functionality, especially given that we are still in the beta version. Therefore, if you come across some problems - there is no need to panic! There is always a solution, and chances are, we already have it.

troubleshooting in The Welkin Suite

So if you are ever faced with one of these issues, here is a momentary spectrum of actions to solve the problem we prepared. Your time is the most valuable resource, and we would like to help you save it with the help of these anticipatory steps:

1. In case of the failed operation (download, pull, build), errors during these operations, incorrect work of any option, or any issue regarding the work of The Welkin Suite in general:

Please try to reproduce the same actions several times and send us a Bug report from the IDE: <span class="umbraco-code">Help -> Report a Bug</span>.

Please describe your case step-by-step, specify your email, and mark the ‘Attach Log file’ checkbox.

The log file is relevant for one TWS session only. This is why we ask you not to close the IDE after you have had some issue.

In addition, please provide the following information:

  • Which type of files you were working with when the issue occurred?
  • Does the issue apply to a single org or to all your projects?
  • Does issue appear after you restart the IDE or recreate your project?
  • Which version of TWS are you using?
  • Which errors or messages are present in the ‘Error list’ panel or ‘Output’ panel?

2. If you are dealing with the crash of The Welkin Suite:

Please send us an email with the description of your steps, and attach ‘MsBuild_[someguid].failure’; you can find this file(s) in %temp%.

3. In case some installation issues occur:

Please write us an email, and attach the ‘TWS_Installation.log’ and ‘*_isoshel*.txt’. You can find these files in %temp% and its subfolders. (The ‘*_isoshell*.txt’ files are created by Visual Studio Isolated Shell installation and they are of major importance for us).

4. If there is an issue with The Welkin Suite's automatic updating:

Please send us an email with, and attach the ‘log.txt’ file. This file is created by TheWelkinSuiteAutoUpdater service. You can find it in '%programfiles(x86)%\The Welkin Suite\The Welkin Suite\UpdaterService\' folder (by default, '%programfiles(x86)%' variable has value 'C:\Program Files (x86)\The Welkin Suite\The Welkin Suite\UpdaterService\').

In case some other problem occurs, our Support Team will be glad to help you solve it, so please feel free to contact us at or on our Forum with any issue Welkin-related.

We understand that having some issues when being deeply immersed into coding can get very frustrating. That is why we appreciate your help and contribution in solving any type of errors that may occur. Let's make The Welkin Suite IDE flawless together!

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