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02 Jun 2016 12828

Time is the ultimate resource in development, so naturally, each developer searches for the tool that would save it best. For this matter, when creating The Welkin Suite IDE, we put a primary focus onto establishing the comfortable and functional environment that would anticipate the developer's needs by offering a spectrum of automation options and handy tools.

First off, The Welkin Suite offers a whole range of Code Assistance options, which boost your development velocity and help you discover and fix the errors in your code in the fast and efficient manner:

1) Code Highlighting

Code Highlighting in The Welkin Suite

Every error in your opened files is clearly highlighted in your editor, and marked in the scrollbar. This way, you can detect and fix the problems and typos faster, without having to browse through every line of your code in search for a misspelled word that resulted in the Build failure.

2) Code Snippets

Code Snippet Insertion in TWS

Instead of manually typing the text you are using often over and over again, you can use the built-in Code Snippets, which will insert the commonly used expressions) into your code through Code Completion option. In addition to the default built-in snippets, you are free to create your own ones.

3) Syntax Highlighting

Customizable Syntax Highlighting in TWS

In The Welkin Suite, you can change the color for each of the lexical type (attributes, delimiters, keywords, operators, strings, numbers, etc.), and adjust the theme for each of the supported languages. This will allow you to navigate in your code faster, while coding in the color scheme that would be comfortable for your eyes.

4) Code Completion

Code Completion in TWS

With the help of the type-ahead completion for the code you enter you get the most accurate suggestions as you go. Without having to dive into documentation or memorize the classes, objects and their members, your coding speed will improve drastically.

Other Features That Boost Development Comfort

When developing for Salesforce, you constantly switch between multiple parts in your file or even several files in the project. By bookmarking these parts, you will be able to switch between them within seconds, without wasting your time on scrolling and excessive clicking. You can navigate between the bookmarks, add or remove them via the hotkeys, as well as organize them into folders, rename, enable/disable the selected ones - all for the sake of your comfort.

Bookmarks Panel in TWS

Another great feature that saves you lots of extra time and effort is the Multifunctional Scrollbar across all modes. Unlike typical scrollbars, the primary function of which is, well, to scroll, our tool provides a visual representation of the current line, and the markers of the text you selected, search results, and every compilation error in the opened file. Finding the necessary information in your code becomes a simple and extremely fast process.

Scrollbar in TWS

The Welkin Suite also provides separate editors for each of the supported languages (Apex, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Visualforce), with a set of Code Assistance options that make the development process a bliss.

HTML Editor in TWS

The features in each of the editors have been tailored to match the requirements of the programming language, while adhering to our ultimate standard - maximum level of automation.

VisualForce Editor in TWS

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    1. kate.dulko Posted

      Hi Lalo,

      Thank you for your question.
      Currently we have no plans on this, however, we will be happy to consider this request.
      Also, you can share with us use-cases for this feature support so that we could understand needs on this more.


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