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Multi-threaded and optimized project download allows you to start working in seconds.

Salesforce stores a lot of date about every entity in an organization and only a part of this data is needed for Salesforce development tasks. In order to allow a faster start on a development project, we reduced amount of the calls made to Salesforce and engaged multithreading abilities to simultaneously download as many files as it allowed by system resources. Right after the project is downloaded, The Welkin Suite opens it and performs all initial warm-up operations so you do not have to wait in the case as if they would be performed consequently. The only action required from you is to enter credentials and environment type. Just an example: any of the small or medium-sized projects would take less than a minute and a project with thousands of files and megabytes of Static Resources would take about 1..3 minutes to open and begin.

A combination of improved download performance and the execution of initial processes when the project is opening provides a great balance of a really fast start-up time and warming-up the IDE for the most common tasks that you are going to use.


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