Lightning Fast Build Process

Available on:
Mac Windows

When serving build requests, we send only the changed files to Salesforce so the processing time is minimized and you do not need to wait long. 

Working with cloud services usually impacts the performance of all operations due to the added steps like sending or processing data directly at the cloud service provider. Development for Salesforce is not an exception – the code is built in the cloud instead of using our local computing power.

For The Welkin Suite we have created a new optimized build process with a less processing time. Firstly, it does not require any additional preparation time to process your source code, which decreases the entire amount of time to start building. Once you press a hotkey, it starts to build your code immediately. Secondly, the building time is decreased because every time you build, IDE analyzed changed in the codebase and sends only those files to Salesforce to build that were changed.

As the outcome, if you are building some small files, you get the results back in less than 10 seconds.


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