Automatic Code Formatting

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Got tired of the need to manually make your source code readable? The Welkin Suite IDE aligns the lines, braces, comments, and format statements, so the source code becomes much cleaner with no additional effort from your side. In fact, you don't even have to think about the formatting anymore!

Everybody likes clean and readable code, but not everybody wishes to spend their time fixing the missed spaces in statements, indenting the code properly, or writing SOQL queries in a readable manner. It gets worse as you’re working with legacy code that you’re not familiar with. In The Welkin Suite IDE, this problem is solved “for developers, by developers”, as an opened document can be formatted automatically in less than a second with a simple hotkey combination.

Code formatting includes indenting (with tabs or a customizable number of spaces at your choice), spaces correction around arithmetical and boolean operators, braces (including square and curly). As soon as it’s not changing the meaningful parts of your code, you can follow any code-styling guidelines that you or your company prefer.


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