Convenient Navigation through the Code

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View and edit documents in different locations easier with faster switching between previous caret positions.

Working with complex logic, especially with legacy or unknown code, usually requires some kind of logic tracing when you start from an “entry-point” in the code and manually trace all the code logic up to a destination point that you’re interested in. Such an approach allows you to understand what functionality is exactly implemented by some code and what possible conditional cases may arise when using this code in production.

Obviously such a logic tracing requires a lot of back-forth navigation in the code, both inside documents and between different documents. In order to simplify this frequent development need, The Welkin Suite offers a great Back & Forward navigation feature. With just a simple mouse click or a hotkey you can navigate to previous positions in the document (no matter if it was the same document or another one in the project) or navigate forward, all this without any limitations on the number of “stored” positions. This allows you trace the code logic even in the largest flows.


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