Automated and Simplified Work with Archived Static Resources

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It does not matter if your Static Resource files are archived or not - developers no longer need to worry about unpacking them either way, as the Welkin Suite IDE takes care of this task. 

Even though storing multiple resource files (like CSS, Javascript, HTML, images, etc.) in a single Zip archive is a handy feature in Salesforce, it still adds some inconvenience to the development process. Editing such resources is quite a slow process due to the unzip/zip steps, and determining where the required resource is stored is also not that simple. Unless, of course, you keep the documentation saved someplace else, or your resources are perfectly structured. However, neither of these work when an instance contains hundreds or thousands of resources.

To help you organize your resources, and work with them more effectively without losing the benefits of Zip archives, The Welkin Suite IDE handles all the actions that are required to view and edit the Static Resources – by automatically unzipping them when you pull any new data from Salesforce. The files inside the archives are displayed in a project tree as regular files, thus preserving the original structure. At the same time, the updated files are archived before being sent to build, also keeping the original structure. This way, you are able to navigate through, view, and edit Static Resources as regular files, with no need for additional tools or actions.


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