Custom Folders Structure

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No more limitations for the structure of your files or folders. Now the developers can organize them in whichever way they want.

Most likely, you have come across the limitation of “Classes-Triggers-Components-Pages” folders, and struggled with the inability to organize the source code even in a bit more complex way.

The Welkin Suite IDE solves this limitation. Now you are able to move any files to any folders with unlimited nesting level. Using a simple drag & drop approach, you can organize the common/core logic, unit tests, trigger handlers, etc. into different folders, or you can group the pages with their controllers, components, and utility classes in the same folders. This way you will always know what each file stands for, and what exactly it contains.

With this possibility, you can maintain the utterly cohesive project structure, and organize it in the most efficient way without any unnecessary files.

Read more about this feature in our blog.


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