Pending Changes View

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Have full control over all the changes that will be built, and make use of the possibility to simply roll back an updated file to its previous version - all of this is possible with the Pending Changes View in The Welkin Suite IDE. 

Pending Changes View displays a list of changed files that are going to be sent to your Salesforce org during the build process. Quite often you will be building the huge packs of files - and since people are not able to keep every single update they made to their files in their head, staying in full control over the build process without some tracking functionality becomes absolutely impossible.

The Welkin Suite IDE records all of the changes, and displays a list of files that are going to be built in the Pending Changes window. Thus, users get an incredibly quick option to discard an unwanted update in one click, or analyze the modifications made to the files with the comparing mode in our IDE. 


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