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Do you normally have many things on your mind when developing for Salesforce? Keep track of your thoughts and organize your work with the help of the Task List in The Welkin Suite IDE. 

Leave useful memos to your "future self" - call your attention to some things that still need looking at in your code, remind yourself to go through some parts logic of your code or to add extra checks, to do the refactoring, etc. Forget about forgetting to do something - pun intended - as The Welkin Suite will help you bring everything into order with the help of the Tasks pad. 

This Tasks pad allows you to track all of the comments in your project, and the details related to them, in the form of a neat list. You can navigate from the pad to the corresponding line within seconds, by simply double-clicking on one of tasks in the Task pad. While The Welkin Suite provides the built-in tokens that are treated as tasks, you can also add custom ones, to highlight the tasks that are important to you personally. In addition, you can manually create a task with the custom priority through the 'User's Tasks' option in the Tasks pad. 


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