Debug Logs Polling & Built-in Tree Viewer

Available on:
Mac Windows

Get all the latest logs in your IDE automatically to be able to view them and search through them all in one place.

When debugging the code, you usually execute Anonymous Apex, perform some actions in the UI, or start the scheduled jobs, which then produce lots of logs for you to go through. Also, sometimes you may want to track users-generated logs to find the errors or specific actions performed by some user.

The Welkin Suite IDE enables the automated polling of all the new logs from every opened project, so that you always have the latest logs directly in the development tool without switching to other applications or browsers. In addition to the list of log entries, you are able to open any log within our IDE. At that, The Welkin Suite offers a powerful search that helps you find anything in just a few seconds, and hence brings your experience of working with the logs to essentially a new level.


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