Built-in HTML Editor

Available on:
Mac Windows

The principal editor components you would look for in the editor - Code Formatting, Syntax Highlighting, Code Outlining and more - available in the built-in HTML Editor in The Welkin Suite IDE.

When developing the highly customized Salesforce projects, you will have to create both backend part and the web part. Mostly you will use Apex and VisualForce programming languages for this purposes, but it’s possible that you would like to have separate files somewhere in your Static Resources with HTML markup, which would be used in your web part. HTML is usually highly nested, so code readability is a must for the HTML editor/viewer. It is always best if such editor is built in the tool you are working with most of the time.

In The Welkin Suite IDE, we provide you with the feature-rich editor for HTML code. With such a tool you won’t even notice that you’re switching between backend and web parts!


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