Enhanced Metadata Support

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Mac Windows

Salesforce development implies constant work with all sorts of Metadata - so The Welkin Suite IDE provides the extensive support of various metadata types. 


The Welkin Suite IDE attempts to provide the users with as many development approaches as possible. The variety of tasks that you can accomplish within our IDE largely depends on the number of metadata types that are supported, and that is why we are constantly working on enriching this list within our tool. Currently, the IDE supports the following types of Metadata: Apex Class, Apex Component, Apex Page, Apex Trigger, Approval Process, Aura Definition Bundle, Custom Labels, Object, Custom Site, Layout, Permission Set, Profile, Remote Site Settings, Static Resource, Workflow, Reports, Dashboards, Email Templates, Custom Tabs. 

The metadata files are downloaded from Salesforce, so you can manage the list of the metadata files that will be added to your project, as well as edit these files in the way you deem necessary. 



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