SOQL Query Execution

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Search for the specific information within the data in your Salesforce org with the help of SOQL queries in The Welkin Suite IDE. 

In Salesforce development, users often need to execute SOQL queries - in Apex statements, in Visualforce controllers, and such. To simplify your work with these queries, our IDE features a convenient SOQL Executor that will help you create, optimize and debug the code. This executor assists in running the complex query strings and getting an immediate response from the necessary Salesforce object in your org. This way, you receive a great option to save time on testing complicated queries, finding the broken data in the query, and more. 

In The Welkin Suite IDE, the execution of an SOQL query is a simple process that takes minimum time. The SOQL Executor has a smart UI, with the code you write displayed in the upper part, and the results you get upon running the query at the bottom. 


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